Brows - Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone 

As I mentioned last week this is going to be the last part of this series. I have decided to end it because I want to do more tags and other posts on Fridays. So from this week on wards I will be mentioning things I have loved for that week, monthly favorites, and doing any tags or questions that I want to post. This however will not affect my Wednesday post which is usually a review of something. 

Anyway getting on to the actual post. As this is the last part of this series I wanted to give my tips and tricks on something that is a well needed post. And first off I thought of eyebrows. The idea of filling in, drawing, and even shaving off your eyebrows has become almost a trend recently and I wanted to give my tips on how to not mess your brows up. 

Tip 1 } Do not (I repeat) shave them off or try to do anything with them yourself- unless you know exactly what you are doing and are being careful. You should not go near your brows, if they need threading or you want them to be styled differently go to a professional. It is their job to make your eyebrows how you want it and avoids you messing it up. 

Tip 2 } Only Fill/Draw were necessary - this is really something that needs to be established, if only a slight part of your brow needs to filling in then fill that area in and then leave it don't then fill in the rest as it will make your brows look unnatural and just odd. 

Tip 3 } Choose the right shade - this seems blatantly obvious but choose the shade that is right for you especially if you are filling them in. The best way to test is to try and match them as close to your hair as possible, obviously if your hair is bright red then go for browns. Don't choose a shade that is way too dark or way too light for you otherwise instead of looking amazing you will just look odd. 

Now it is time for me to move onto tricks : 

Trick 1 } Brush your brows into shape using a brow brush - this will help to keep all your brow hairs in place and can help you see what you may need/want to fill in. This also gets rid of any dead skin (disgusting I know.)

Trick 2 } If you are filling them in start from the beginning of your brows to the end and make sure you are only filling in what you want/may need. 

Trick 3 } If you are drawing them in then use the brush that normally comes with eyebrow pencils to blend it in, this then makes it look a lot more natural and can help it stay longer. 

Trick 4 } Use an eyebrow 'mascara' this helps to keep the brow in place and can also make your brows look cleaner and a lot more professional. 

Trick 5 } Try to follow your natural brow line, this can then make your brows look a lot more natural and even a bit more professional. 

Just to finish off the whole concept of filling in or drawing on your brows isn't for everyone in fact you should only do it if you feel you need it otherwise forget the brows and have them au natural. 

Anyway I hope you have found this post useful and enjoyed this short series. On Wednesday I will be reviewing a CC cream by L'Oreal and on Friday I will be mentioning my favorites throughout September and mid October so don't forget to check that out!

Thanks for reading!