L'Oreal CC Cream - Review

Hello everyone

Today I am going to be reviewing a product that I have been trying out recently. This is the L'Oreal CC cream anti- redness. I picked this up when I was Boots about 2 months ago and I was really intrigued by the whole anti-redness thing as my nose is constantly red and not many things conceal it well. 

I have been trying to sort out my foundation and I decided to try a CC cream and see how I liked it. I would apply the cc cream and then apply my foundation on any thing I wanted to cover better. Although I did try applying this on its own and this is why I am reviewing this product. 

The product comes out green which is meant to help reduce your redness, when you apply it to your face the cream changes in what is the closet color to your skin. This is where I found my problem for some odd reason the cream was never the same color sometimes it was really tanned and then some times it made me look pale which I didn't understand.

Secondly, the whole reducing redness thing doesn't really work either. I noticed that it covered a bit of my redness but nothing more that a foundation couldn't have done. The cc cream didn't last long either I managed to keep it staying on my skin for about 4 hours before it was almost gone which was a complete disappointment. 

Also another annoying thing is the packaging, too much product comes out a once and it all starts to clog the tube and causes it to get dirty which I was not impressed with. The price however is fairly reasonable although I was not a huge fan of the CC cream. 

Overall this was a huge disappointment and I wished I hadn't tried it, I hope people have found this useful. On Friday I will be mentioning my mid October favorites and next Wednesday I will be reviewing a Hot Cloth Cleanser from Superdrug so don't forget to check that out. 

Thanks for reading !