Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray - Review

Hello everyone 

This week I am bringing to you a review of a heat protectant I have been trying out recently. It is the Tresemmes Heat Protectant spray. As I have started college I have been drying my hair with a hair dryer more and curling it and straightening it more so I wanted to make sure I wouldn't damage it. 

The spray is meant to protect your hair from heat and stops the risk of damaging your hair. The product claims to work with heat up to 230 c which for me was quite a big statement. 

I apply this by spraying it into damp hair just after I have brushed it following on by blow drying and then either leaving it or straightening it. I have been using this for around a month and I have made my mind up on the product. 

First off the product works well in protecting my hair from the heat and I haven't noticed any signs of damaging in my hair. What I like a lot about the product is that it disperses the right amount I need for my hair. 

The bottle is convenient as well as it is mainly plastic so it is easy to take away and won't break. However one thing I have noticed is that there isn't really any smell which I would have personally liked with the product. 

The good thing about it is its affordable it doesn't cost a lot and I have been using it almost everyday for a month and I am just about half way there so it is definitely worth the money. 

Overall I really like this product it works well at protecting my hair and stops my hair from being damaged as well as being good for money and lasts a long time. 

Next Wednesday I am going to be reviewing a CC cream by L'Oreal which I have recently been trying and on Friday I will be giving you my tips and tricks on eyebrows and what not to do with them. 

Thanks for reading! 


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