Brand Focus - Natural Collection

Hello everyone 

So this week I am doing a brand focus on Natural Collection, this is a brand that offers a variety of makeup products that are affordable. I am personally conflicted with this brand I love some of the products but there are some products I hate.

Natural Collection does have some little gems that in my opinion are an absolute credit to the brand. I will be mentioning 3 of them that for me are the saviors of the brand

Natural Collection Pressed Powder £1.99 - This is one of the first powders I ever used and since then it has remained one of my favorites. It is really good at hiding shine and helps to make my makeup last. The good thing about this is that a very little goes a long way. The best thing really though is the price for just under £2 you get an amazing powder that lasts on the face and doesn't look cakey and settles nicely on the face.

Natural Collection Lash Curve Mascara £1.99 - This mascara was one that I picked up out of interest. I had seen a video where someone used and it looked to be rather decent so I allowed curiosity to get the better of me and got it. The mascara is not the best in the world however it does a fairly good job at giving your lashes definition. Would I use it as my everyday mascara no but I recommend it to anyone trying out with makeup. 

Natural Collection Sheer Natural Lipstick £1.99- I did a review on one of these a while back and I remember that I didn't like it however since then I have repurchased one and whether they changed the formula or just improved the lipstick altogether I love it. It is not the best drugstore lipstick but it has really good pigmentation it has a semi-matte finish but doesn't dry out my lips. It tends to stay on my lips for a fairly reasonable time.

The one thing I love the most about this brand though is the prices, all products are £1.99 meaning that this is an amazing brand to try if you are new to makeup as the products are inexpensive and work well.

Overall I am still deciding on whether I fully love the brand but I do still recommend the brand to those who are starting out with makeup or just want another brand to try. 

On Wednesday I will be reviewing a lipstick from Topshop that has been my autumn lipstick and on Friday I will be doing a brand focus on Collection

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  1. Thanks for the great review! It seems like a safe brand to experiment with since it is so inexpensive! I'll look around for it.