The Remedy to Oily Skin? - Clean and Clear Morning Energy Shine DailyFacial Scrub Review

Hello everyone 

So Today I am bringing you a review on a facial scrub that I have been testing out honestly has helped me skin so much.

My face has become really oily at the moment i wanted products that cleaned my skin and still dealt with the oil. 

I picked up the Clean and Clear Facial Scrub Daily Shine which is meant to tackle oiliness which was exactly what I wanted.

It says that it is gentle enough for daily use I would only however apply this in the morning just because it fully cleans and awakens your skin. 

I apply a tiny amount of this and massage around my wet face, I normally leave it for a minute and then rinse it off.

I have noticed a difference in my skin as parts of my face such as my t-zone are not as oily anymore which is definitely a plus for me. 

The price as well is also good. You can purchase this from either Boots or Superdrug and it doesn't break the bank 

Overall I am really impressed with this facial scrub and I hope to be trying more products that tackle oiliness, if you have any suggestions then comment below

On Friday I will be doing my brand focus on MUA and On Wednesday I will be reviewing a well loved brush from real techniques

Thanks for reading!


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