Best Drugstore Brow Gel? - Rimmel Brow This Way Clear Brow Gel Review

Hello everyone 

This week I am reviewing a product that has been fairly controversial recently. It is the Rimmel Brow Clear Gel. I picked this up in boots around August time as I wanted a new brow gel to try out. I have read many reviews of people loving and hating this product and after using it for a while I finally have my verdict on it.

The gel is clear meaning it can be used to help shape brows and help them stay in place. I usually fill in my brows then use this to make sure it stays in place. I have been using this product almost everyday since August and I am almost gone there is a little drop left so I am definitely in need of a boots trip.

But does it actually work? my answer is yes. For me this is perfect the applicator isn't too big or too small so it manages to get all my brow hairs. One thing I will say is that for the few couple of uses you do need to wipe the applicator a bit as it does have too much gel on it which gives a watery effect. 

The gel works at keeping my brows in place and sets nicely and isn't noticeable at any time of the day. If you use a suitable amount it can last for ages as you can see mine clearly has!. One of the best things is the price, for £3.99 you get a good clear brow gel that lasts and helps to keep your brows in place.

So is it the best drugstore brow gel? from the ones I have tried I would say yes. In terms of price it beats the rest as well as the quality. I find that compared to other ones I have tried this applies better and isn't noticeable on my brows which is something I have found on a few of the ones I have tried previously.

Overall I am a huge fan of this brow gel it has definitely become my daily brow gel. However I am interested in trying any that you have tried and loved if you have any feel free to comment them down below and I may even go out and get it!

On Friday I will be doing my final brand focus on Bourjois and Next Wednesday I will be talking about the main products that have stood out for me this year

Thanks for reading!