Is the Missguided £1 Bikini A Real Bargain

If you're an avid fast fashion buyer or you like to stay in the loop, you would have seen that Missguided released a £1 bikini: a simple black triangle shape bikini ranging from sizes 4-24. The offer is for a limited time only; releasing 1000s onto the website each day. For some, this might sound like heaven. A cheap bikini perfect for Summer: a great staple. It even beats the prices of Primark and other brands promising cheap affordable clothing.

But how much of a bargain is this bikini for the consumer and the producers, when the bikini is only £1. This brings the question, how much is it really costing to make it? Are they really making a profit or are they shortchanging the suppliers and the workers behind that £1 bikini? When we break the bikini down it's all about polyester, which is largely unsustainable and harms the planet massively. So, if it's really worth that one photo of you on an inflatable in Greece then you do you, but for the rest of us, I think it's …

Brand Review - Bourjois

Hello everyone 

This is my final brand review and I have really enjoyed the series. However it does have to end at some point. I have been a huge fan of Bourjois for quite some time. They are a slightly more expensive brand compared to the rest of the brands in the drugstore but you pay for amazing quality products.

As always I will be mentioning three products from the brand that for me stand out the most. I will be mentioning two products that have previously been on this blog and a new product that I am yet to review on this blog.

Bourjois Délice de Poudre bronzing powder & highlighter £7.99- This is a product that I have mentioned before I did a review on it focusing mainly on the bronzer. I adore the bronzer and have done for some time. You can have it subtle or built up, personally I like it fairly subtle. With this one you get half bronzer and half highlighter for the same price as getting a full one of either the bronzer or highlighter. Again I am also a huge fan of the highlighter, it blends easily into the skin and really helps to highlight that certain part of you face. For me this is almost like a high street product except very cheap. One of the things I adore the most about this is the packaging, it looks cute and looks nice on your dresser which for me is something I look for in products the packaging can say a lot about the product itself.

Bourjois Cream Blush £7.99- This again is a product I have reviewed before but I honestly can not give this blush enough credit. The blush is highly pigmented and blends nice onto the skin. For me I am a huge fan of the shades they have a reasonable selection that suit all skin tones. The price as well is reasonable as the blush works so well I am more than happy to pay £7.99 for this.

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover £4.99- This is a new product for me. I had heard so many good reviews of this product that I had to run to Boots to try it. This is a nail polish remover that is meant to get rid of your nail polish withing seconds. I have tried the Primark version and was impressed with it. After trying this I am definitely a huge fan of both. For me I prefer this slightly more it works faster and has a sweet fragrance to it which is something I prefer as I hate the smell of nail polish remover. I have noticed that every time I use this my nails always feel soft and smooth which is something you would only really get from a nail salon, Lastly the price is more than reasonable. I have used almost half of this, if I was using a bottle I would have probably used two now. 

Overall I am a huge fan of Bourjois their products are affordable and excel in quality. I am interested in trying other products from this brand so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment down below.

On Wednesday I will be mentioning the products that have been the best in 2014, and on Friday I will be doing the 40 question make up tag

Thanks for reading!


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