Hair saviour?- Tresemme Luxurious Moisture Shampoo Review

Hello everyone 

So as you may be able to guess from the title I am reviewing a shampoo, I don't do a lot of hair care reviews mainly because I do not really change my hair care routine or products a lot as I don't like to irritate my scalp.

However a couple of months ago I found that my hair was not the same anymore it was dull and didn't look right so I decided to try a new shampoo. I am going to be using a different conditioner soon (please suggest any good conditioners please.) I picked up the Tresemme Luxurious Moisture Shampoo.

The shampoo claims to nourish hair giving it a nice healthy looking shine, it is packed with Vitamins to help your hair. It also claims to be useable day in day out without drying hair out which I was a bit shocked about really.

The shampoo is a wonder product, I noticed after a week of using this how much of a difference it had made my hair was shiny and after two weeks looked healthy and back to how I wanted it to look. One of the things I noticed is that you can definitely feel like the shampoo is working my hair is constantly smooth after I use this which is a god send as I have frizzy hair which can feel rough at times.

Now I haven't tried the use day in day out claim yet as I don't want to wear my hair out but I am willing to try if it has worked for you as I am very curious to see if it does in fact work,

The price of the shampoo is affordable as it retails for £3.89 for 500ml which is good value. Overall this has been a shampoo that has really impressed me as it gives my hair the healthy look and leaves it smooth and shiny.

I hope this review has been helpful, if you have any shampoo's that you have been loving then please link them to me down below. On Friday I will be doing a brand collection on Maybelline and Next Wednesday I will be reviewing the Sudocrem cream designed specifically for skin.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've been using a tresemme shampoo (and conditioner) for a while and I love it so much - I use the one for curly hair! Maybe you should try their conditioner too!