Is it good? - Sudocrem Skin Care Cream Review

Hello everyone 

This week I have decided to review a product that came out a couple of months ago, it is the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream. I have used Sudocrem in the past for spots and I had noticed that it worked but if used to much made my skin very oily. So when I found out they had created one designed specifically for skin, and spots I was very eager to try it.

The cream comes in a handy little tube which in my opinion is exactly what I needed as it can get quite messy having to get the product out of a pot. The product is easy to massage into the skin and you only require a tiny amount. 

I tend to mainly use this on my spots and apply a thin smooth layer over my spots and the skin around it, this helps to reduce redness and helps to get rid of the spots a little bit quicker. The cream is definitely an overnight one, wait until morning and it has dried and has worked on your spots. So I would not recommend using this in the morning as you do have to wait a while for it to sink in.

The price as well is amazing, at £1.99 you get a cream that helps well with reducing spots. Overall I really am a fan of this cream, it is one that I use whenever I get a spot and it definitely works. 

On Friday I will be doing a Brand Review on L'Oreal and on Sunday I will be talking about the things that have been getting me into the Christmas mood, and next Wednesday I will be reviewing the Sanctuary 5 minute detox mask

Thanks for reading!