Under £35 Gift Guide - For Girls

Hello everyone 

 So this actually my first post on anything Christmas related and seeing that I am an absolute lover of Christmas I have decided to try and a do a few posts around the idea of Christmas whether it is gift guides like the post I am doing today or whether it is DIY Christmas decorations etc. If you have any suggestions then please feel free to comment them down below.

Anyway getting onto this post, I wanted to do a gift guide as I was in Superdrug the other day and I was making a mental wish-list of the things I would love to have this Christmas. This led me to decided to do a gift guide specifically for girls. Now I know the title says under £35 but the gifts will be around £25 but there will be a more indulgent gift that is around the £35 mark.

I have chosen a few gifts that come from all different shops such as the Body shop,and Superdrug. I will be mentioning presents that you could use as stocking fillers or just main presents. All of the presents will be either skincare or makeup related. But if you want a post on non-beauty gifts then please comment down below and it could be my next Christmas post.

Firstly, the Body shop I was pleasantly surprised by the Body shop this year as normally they haven't gone to a lot of detail in the past couple of years but this year they seem to have gone full out with their products.

Stocking Fillers: 

Jingle Gels Sleigh £8 - First off I love the name, for me I am already sold. This is a set that includes 4 minature shower gels. They come with Satsuma, Moringa, Strawberry, and Mango which are a good combination as they can be used in Winter as well as Spring. In my opinion this is a novelty present that you can guarantee will be used.

The Jolly Lippy Lolly £10 - Again the name and the packaging is just beautiful, this is basically 5 of their lip balms which I absolutely adore. The good thing about this is that it just has a novelty to it. The present could be given to kids or teenagers as essential they are just good nice smelling lip balms.

Main Presents:

Frosted Cranberry Treat Box £7 - This is a little gift that includes a shower gel, body butter, and a Crinkle bath lily. This is quite a cute present and would perfect for anyone really. The bit that I like the most is the scent they do this in a variety of scents but in my opinion the frosted Cranberry is my favorite although the apple on is good.

Glazed Apple Tin of Treasures £17- This is more of an expensive gift compared to the others, but you definitely get your money's worth for what is in the set. First off the set comes in a silver apple like tin which to me is just adorable. Inside there is a shower gel, body butter, body lotion, body polish, and Crinkle bath lily. This present would again be suitable for any ages and could be quite good as a work present to a fellow colleague or even a friend but it is definitely a present I wish I could get.

Coconut Ultimate Luxuries £35- This is one of the £35 gifts I have found, this would be perfect for a special someone or a dear friend. The set includes a shower cream, body butter, body scrub, body milk, beautifying oil, and a Eau de toilette. The set comes in coconut (which just smells amazing), shea, and Strawberry.

Superdrug this year have come out with a variety of gifts suitable for all ages. All of the presents are inexpensive and currently have some amazing offers on the presents. So I would definitely get them now whilst the offers are on

Stocking fillers:

Models Own Hypergel Nail Polish Gift Set £15- This is a slightly more expensive present but it includes 10 mini Models own nail polishes that are the perfect gift for a teenager or just someone who is really into nail polishes.

Exquisite Eau De Toilette £5- This is a little stocking filler that is a nice little present just to give to someone. The perfume has quite a warm scent with a hint of Jasmine. The perfume is nice and for what you get it is definitely worth it.

Main Presents:

Simple Petite & Simple Mini Collection £4.50- This is the perfect present for a teenager as it includes 3 miniature skincare items, it has a toner, facial wash, and moisturizer. This is especially good if you maybe want to try the products but do not want to purchase the full size items.

Baylis & Harding Skin Spa Herbal Therapy Benefit Set £18- This is more of an expensive present but it is definitely worth it. The set includes a body cleanser, body cream, and body milk. This present would be perfect for possibly an older person as I wouldn't say this is the best gift for a teenager.

Sleek Makeup Party Box Gift set £30- This is more of an expensive present but it is definitely a good value for money. This set offers some of the best products that sleek do and offers a selection of products. It includes the Arabian nights palette, blush trio, highlighting palette, full lash mascara, and eyebrow stylist.

As you can see there are a lot of presents this year to choose from, I have had a hard time choosing the best ones to get that are good value for money and are just good presents altogether. On Wednesday I will be sharing with you a shampoo that has saved my hair and on Friday I will be doing a brand focus on Maybelline

Thanks for reading!