Does this mascara really hold a curl? - Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara Review

Mascara, possibly for me one of my must haves when it comes to makeup. I personally like voluminous lashes, and I have gone through so many mascaras trying to find the perfect one and I have found a few gems recently and this has become my new favorite. It's the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara

I have tried various mascaras from Maybelline before and I have always found that they have given my lashes volume but they never hold for longer than around 5 hours which for someone like me who is in college I don't want to be running to the bathroom to top up my makeup all the time. 

So, when I picked up this one I was a little skeptical. I had read so many views saying it was good and some saying it was pretty average so I decided to pick it up in waterproof as I found that at times my mascara would smudge so I decided to see how effective it was. 

First off the packaging, I have never been a full on lover of Maybelline's bright mascara packaging for me it just highlights the fact that it is inexpensive but this for me is nice. It's just a lightish pink shade. The mascara wand is curled in the shape of your eyelashes making it a lot easier to get all your lashes. Now for me this is a major thing, many mascaras I have tried and loved have always had the almost straight line mascara wands which for me aren't good. Yes they get my lashes but not everyone so I have to go over them and by this time my eyelashes look all flaky. But this mascara avoids that.

I have fairly long lashes so I can't say exactly that for someone with short eyelashes this is a wonder product but I find that I only need to apply one coat onto my lashes and just work it around the lashes and then they are done. I don't have to mess about almost doing them individually like I did previously. 

Following on from what I was saying at the beginning, I had never really found the right mascara that holds my lashes all day. And what a surprise my lashes have held and haven't dropped or anything. I applied my mascara this morning at around 10am and at 9:30pm now my lashes are still good and I haven't had to re-apply any mascara or anything to them.

It takes me about 1 minute if that to apply my mascara now, however getting the mascara off is another story. I normally used to just use Micellar water to wipe my mascara off. But with this mascara I find that an oil based eye makeup remover just about gets it off. This is where I was seriously impressed with the waterproof claim as in all honesty I wasn't expecting much as I have tried their other waterproof mascaras which have wiped off with the littlest bit of water. 

Lastly, the price of the mascara is around the £8 mark which is around the same price for most of Maybelline mascaras. And although I have sort of begrudged paying that much for some of the other maybelline mascaras I actually would pay more than £8 for this mascara considering it is pretty much waterproof, long lasting, and helps add volume to my lashes. 

Overall, this has to be my favorite mascara currently and this is quite a shock to me as I wasn't expecting it to be this good. I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone and if you try this mascara or have any recommendations for me to try then feel free to comment below. 

Until next time, Bye!