Is It Worth The Money? - La Roche-Posay Anti-Imperfection Correction Cream Review

I have never really had that flawless perfect skin. Since I was around 13/14 I started to get spots. Now I don't mean massive breakouts just the occasional one, however I would always end up being left with quite bad scarring every time. 

I tried quite a lot of remedies at the time but nothing seemed to work that well, hoping that time would just heal the scars I left it. Now at 17 I still have the scars but they are not as bad as they used to be. 

I just don't have the confidence to go bare around where the scarring is. So I have been testing out several products to try and see what has worked. And after trying about 4 or 5 out I have managed to find one that did actually help quite a lot.

This is the La Roche Posay Anti-perfection correction cream. This is a light cream that you massage into the face day and night. And gradually over time this is meant to reduce scaring and help to brighten your face back to its old self. 

Now, whenever it comes to skincare I always like to test it properly. This means trying it for at least a month just to make sure I have a full opinion on it. This is in fact my second tube of this product, because as you can probably guess I love it. 

The cream has helped massively with my scarring, it is still there and probably will be until I really seek professional help. But it has managed to reduce most of it and brighten the area around it a lot more making my skin look much better than previously. 

This product isn't cheap, La Roche is not a cheap brand. However, they special in all different skin types especially acne/oily prone skin. And there 3 step skin care kits is probably one of the best kits I have used in terms of effectiveness and how great they were on my skin. 

The cream is priced at £15.50 for 40 ml. Which I found didn't go too quick as what I find best it to apply it for a quite a while then leave it for a week. Then start to apply it again, just gives your a skin a little break and also gives you chance to stock up on it again. I wouldn't say the price is too high just because of how well the product works. 

If you are interested in anymore posts on what products I use to help keep my acne under control, then feel free to comment down below. I am not used to really doing a lot of skincare products as I feel like I can talk more about makeup but I am definitely up for doing more skincare posts specializing on different parts. 

Until next time, Chloe!