My Beautiful Burberry - My Burberry Review

Perfumes have never really been my thing. I always used to forget about them really, just leave them on the side until they pile up again at Christmas. Managing to use them about 10 times a year, after I noticed how many perfumes I had. I finally realised that it is seriously about time I really started using them.

But after falling in love with Loverdose by Diesel I wanted something that had a bit more of a traditional/classical scent. After spending quite a bit of time in Debenhams and having almost every single part of my arms covered in different perfumes. I finally found the one.

This little gem is My Burberry by Burberry. I have always been an admirer of the brand, they have a classical/old fashioned style which I adore. The bottle is cute and simple, with a little beige bow, with quite a regal/50's decor lid the bottle just screams sophistication. 

The perfume has notes of rose and Sweet pea. However, there is an underlying base of spices that give the scent this autumn edge to it. I have tried wearing this perfume in the Summer but I feel like for me personally this is more of an Autumn scent just due to the spices in it really. 

The perfume retails for £45 for 35ml. This isn't expensive compared to most perfumes on the high street. Plus there are always offers on this around Christmas. This is actually the only perfume I have tried from Burberry but after liking this one so much, and having to purchase a new one (the one in the photo I have had for 3 weeks now) I am very eager to try their other ones just to compare.

Overall, this is possibly one of my favorite perfumes this year. But I am now starting to look at other perfumes whilst I get this one used up so if you have any recommendations for me feel free to comment them down below. 

Until next time, Chloe!