H&M New Makeup Range - Eyeshadow Review

H&M have just recently launched their own makeup range, like a lot of other clothing brands such as Topshop they are branching out into the makeup world. Compared to shops such as Topshop and New Look their makeup range is much bigger. Almost the size of a stand at Superdrugs or Boots.

Featuring foundations to nail polishes there is something in their collection for everything. The one thing that I was most impressed with is how many products they have. They have full collections of lipsticks, eyeliner, foundations, powders etc. The lot basically. It is clear a lot of thought has gone into all of this.

I was overwhelmed by all the choice they have so I have decided to focus on their products section to section. So on my first time I have only picked up two of their High Impact eye shadows just to try and a concealer brush. They had over 30 shades to choose from, greens to grey they had everything. 

First off before I mention the two I picked up, I am in love with all the packaging. They have a modern geometric design to them, all with a hint of gold on each product almost. Which I'm guessing is their signature look, in my opinion this makes the product look like a high street brand one making it look as if it is almost double the actual price. 

Not managing to swatch every shade in the shop obviously but the ones that I tried all had great pigmentation so I picked up Papaya Ice a very light peachy pink shade and a taupe shade. 

Moving onto the pink shade first this is Papaya Ice, for some reason both this and the taupe shade do not appear to be online yet but the rest of the collection are. 

Payaya Ice is a peachy pink shade, perfect when blended with a warmer beige and a shimmer shade or worn alone this can be good for Autumn or Summer depending on how you wear it. With it being a light shade I wasn't expecting a lot of shimmer or pigmentation but as you can see from my swatch it excels in shimmer and pigmentation. Without an eye shadow primer this lasts for around 6 hours without needing to be touched up as it can settle into the creases sometimes. But I am still quite impressed with this shade, I don't normally try this sort of shade but I feel like it works quite well on me. 

Shiitake is a taupe shimmer shade, I find this perfect to be blended over a base or to wear on its own. I tend to wear this day and night, just applying darker eyeshadow at night this creates a perfect look regardless of day or night. Again this is well pigmented the shimmer isn't over the top which is what I was worried about when I was looking at them in the shop. 

The eyeshadows are priced at £4.99 which isn't bad considering the amount you get, the quality of the product and the modern packaging. For a clothes brand I am quite impressed with H&M the rest of their collections will have to be reviewed now!

                                                           Until next time, Chloe!