The Eye Gel That Does It All - InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel

Note: I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased feedback 

Eye gels have been the one skincare product I have wanted to really get into. I suffer from really puffy eyes when ever I don't get a lot of sleep. And with college and work getting very close this has been happening on a daily basis now. 

So I was more than ecstatic when InstaNatural got in contact with me offering me the chance to review some of their products. One of them being the InstaNatural Youth Express Eye gel. This can be used as an eye and face treatment which for me is perfect as I don't use any serums or day/night creams.

You do tend to get quite a bit when you use the pump so I tend to apply it mainly around my eyes and then focusing on key parts of my face such as my forehead, cheeks, and then around my mouth as sometimes I notice that my smile tends to leave 'smile lines.'

It takes just under a minute for it to skin into the skin fully, it doesn't feel sticky and it leaves my skin feeling smooth. After one night of using it I already noticed that my eyes had lost the purple tired look they had to them.

Now after two weeks of  using this, my puffy eyes are just a thing of the past. Even though I am not sleeping any better this eye gel helps to hide that perfectly. Priced at £13.99 I am beyond amazed at how well it has worked for me, especially in such little time.

It has been a pleasure to try products from the InstaNatural brand and I can't wait to carry on using it, continuing to getting good results.

                                                          Until next time, Chloe!