December 12th - The Cosy Winter Oufit

To me Winter is about a few things. Warmth, comfort, and still looking good. From trying various clothes I have put together my ideal Winter outfit. This has more of an Autumnal theme to it but it can be worn whenever.

Starting it off is a top, now I am a lover of Red and burgundy. So throughout Autumn and Winter I have been looking for tops and managed to pleasantly find so many. But one that has really caught my eye is this one. It has that preppy work look which to me is perfect as I do have to wear this for work sometimes. But it isn't so formal that I wouldn't be able to wear it for college. I particularly love the collar detail at the top, the black collar and sides really blends well with the burgundy. I wouldn't have been a fan if it was all the same colour. With the zip detail at the back this is perfect as I find the button up ones a pain sometimes especially if the button breaks, something I have had happen numerous times in the past. What surprised me the most was that I found this from Matalan. A store I normally wouldn't really look in, apart from if I was looking for homeware stuff as their Christmas range this year is gorgeous. And for £12 I was more than impressed.

Moving onto the jeans. I don't normally do outfits with jeans on my blog but honestly there are just some days where you can't where a skirt or leggings. It's too much messing about and a pair of jeans will just do the same job.

Now I have recently got into Zara, which was a mistake as I am now falling in love with so much of their stuff. In particular their high elasticity jeggings. I have always been a jeggings fan, for me they are so much easier than jeans. They don't fall down constantly which is the one pet hate I have about jeans. They have a faded black/grey look to them which is something different for me as I normally would just stick to black. I love these mainly because of the fit, they don't cling on or look to loose, they fit right in all the good places. Sizing for me can be an issue, i am a size ten on the top and stomach but I have fairly higher thighs which can mean that skinny jeans aren't normally my thing. But I picked these up in a size 10 and honestly they fit like a glove. So if you want a pair of £17.99 (Great price for Zara!) that will fit you great and come in a variety of styles then head on down to Zara soon.

Next up is the shoes, if you haven't guessed already I'm a little mad when it comes to shoes. Boots have been my go to shoes for ages. With my collection getting bigger and bigger. I had to add just one more pair to the collection 👀. In my defence I have never had a pair of burgundy/purple boots so I should be let off okay. These are a high healed 'platform' boot. The one thing I love firstly is the sole, it has tread marks at the bottom which makes them so easy to walk in I can't even explain it. I was expecting to find these heavy and a bit chunky  for me but they feel like flat boots to me. These are from New Look which in all honesty is a hit and miss for me with shoes. I never fit into their 5's yet a 4 only just about fits right, even then they are a little bit big. However, these are a 4 and they fit great.

I wanted to stick to under the £30 mark as I didn't mean to get these anyway. They came just under that as they were £27.99 however I got them slightly cheaper thanks to Student Discount, the one perk of being a student. 

For accessories, I have really been in love with this scarf. I am not normally a scarf person but this is the perfect one for me. It is quite big so it's a scarf/blanket which is even better as there are days when I need something to just wrap around me in which this is very handy. I love as you probably guessed the burgundy and beige look to it. My main thing I love was this price, this cost me only £5 from Primark. Absolute bargain I know, sadly it isn't coming up on their website so it is only in store.

That is most of my outfit done. I am going to be leaving my Winter jewellery  for another post this month so look out for that. If you have any Winter outfits I'd love to see them so feel free to comment with any links, etc.

                                    Until next time, Chloe!