Best Spots in Manchester for a Good Old Drink

I'm surprised I've never really covered this before, but in the past year I've ventured out a bit and gone around town looking for the best places for a drink, from cocktails to ciders there's a range of places across Manchester that deserve a bit of a spotlight. I like a mixture of drinks and there's nothing worse than going to a new bar and choosing the same drink you have everywhere else, I like to try something different each time. So if you're looking for a new place to grab a drink take note of where am about to mention, from the Northern Quarter to Spinningfields. 

First up, is Jimmy's if you're into the more indie scene of Manchester this is a great place to check out. They have a great range of cocktails, great music that you can't miss and they house a lot of gigs around the year. Some of my best gigs from the past year have been at Jimmy's and it's somewhere you really can't miss. It's a bit different to the rest on the lis…

December 13th - Top Winter Makeup Products

With the weather getting colder and colder, I wanted to make sure that my makeup stayed looking in tip top condition. So as well as using my general favorites there have been two products that I have been adding into my routine recently that have helped my face combat this weather. 

First up is a primer, now if you have never heard of this. You have been living under a very deep rock. It's the Benefit porefessional primer, known to minimize the appearance of pores. I bought this around the summertime, definitely taking advantage of Duty Free however, I used it once maybe twice as I was wearing just concealer or a light bb cream. There wasn't any real need to use it. Whereas now I have realized just how bad this cold weather makes my skin look. apart from my redness my pores look beyond big. 

Now this doesn't get rid of your pores although that would be a miracle, it does help to mask them. By applying a small amount generously onto the face and allowing it to smooth in and set properly. You can already begin to see the difference. This can be wore alone or under and even above makeup. I personally have not tried wearing it over makeup, but if you have tried it and it works then some helpful tips would be great! This is a high street product meaning that it won't be cheap however, for the quality of the product. I can't really argue with the price, at around the £24 mark (although it is currently £22.05 in John Lewis)

And the other palette that has been keeping my skin looking bright and flawless is the MUA Pro Base Prime and Conceal Palette. Including 5 concealers with different shades that target different problems in the skin. This seemed to be like one of the best products from MUA to try. Now I will admit that with this I would definitely use a beauty blender or something that has a bit of moisture to it. As this can be quite dry to apply with your fingers. But when it is on the face and blended in, there are flawless finishes all round. My favorite shades are the peachy one in the centre that I use mainly for highlighting the brow bone and the under eye. As well as the green shade that I use to target redness over any spots. 

The best part is that this is only £4, for something as well designed and good quality I would pay probably a bit more for this sort of thing. In fact I have, so a new concealer palette review will be approaching soon!

Overall, I wanted to briefly mention two products that I have been obsessed with this Winter. For me when it comes to Winter I like to stick to the basics, I don't want to spend ages doing a long makeup routine for it to just be ruined by the wind and sadly the rain. 

                                                           Until next time, Chloe!


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