December 16- Winter Party Oufit


With the Christmas parties approaching, it is quite easy to just get into the rush and just buy any old thing. When I'm looking for a going out outfit I want comfort, but also to look damn well good. I don't want to be sat there freezing the whole night nor do I
I have been wearing on nights out. Nor do I want to be melting. So I have decided to share with you one of my outfits that

Starting off with the top, this is an off the shoulder style which just makes this top look that little bit more dressier. As it is just

plain Burgundy I didn't want something that just looked like an everyday top so the cut effect makes it really stand out. This is Asos and was only £14 and this is a top I could also wear in Summer so for me this was a steal.

Next is a skirt I have featured a lot on here, it's my black asymmetric skirt from H&m. With the asymmetric slit across the skirt this can transform this plain black skirt into day or night. It also helps to make me look that little bit slimmer which is always a bonus! This cost £12.99 and considering the amount of use you can get out of it, this is more than reasonable.

For shoes I decided to go with my black wedges from New Look. I am not always a huge fan of heels and wedges provide a bit more comfort and just make my outfit look slightly different. As I got these last year they don't have the exact pair but they do have ones that are very similar just without the strap around the front for just £13.99

And for accessories I decided to finish the outfit from this Necklace that I picked up from Zara in the Summer. With the gold triangles this just adds a little something to my outfit.

So this is one of my outfits I have been wearing through Winter. I hope you have all enjoyed this sort of post and if you would like more then feel free to comment down below.

Until next time, Chloe!