December 19th - Festive Time with Lush

Lush has become one of my favorite stores, I walk in there all the time with temptation to buy every single product they do. From the presentation to the scents it always looks amazing. So seeing as it is the Christmas time I thought it was only right to purchase something from their Christmas collection. 

I picked up the Father Christmas Bath Bomb, now first off can we just appreciate how cute this looks. This is the perfect bath bomb for anyone who likes sweet scents as it smells exactly like Candyfloss. 

When put into the bath it starts to go to red, but then changes into green. Although not everyone wants to be in a green bath, the aroma this creates it beautiful. 

After getting out the bath I still smelt like candyfloss the next morning and my skin felt so smooth. I don't have any negatives about this product at all, it works and has a great scent there isn't much more you could want. 

And for only £3.65 this won't break the bank either, so if you are wanting a gorgeous smelling, cute looking bath bomb then head on down to Lush now and check all their products out.

                              Until next time, Chloe!