So University Is Finally Over

I've waited for so long to write this post, three years ago I was halfway through my A-Levels and I was ready to start preparing for University. It feels weird now to say that it's all over, and I can relax for a month before starting my new job. When I finished my exam I expected to have this uplifting ecstatic feeling, and I did but I was also left with this weird feeling that it's all over and that's it. It's weird when you've spent so long writing your dissertation and preparing for exams for it to just all be done, everyone finishes at different times and it's just generally weird.

But it makes me more than excited to start my new job and not to get all soppy but start a new chapter, I have a lot of good and bad memories from University. I made friends for life and also experienced parts of life I never thought I would, I always used to cringe when people said that University helped them change as a person. But I do genuinely believe it does something, …

December 3rd - The Christmas T Shirt

Now I kicked off the 1st day with my Christmas Jumper, although I love my jumper dearly. I can't wear it everyday, so I also have a Christmas t shirt.

This one is actually from Vans, not somewhere I would usually go to get a Christmas t shirt but I like how subtle it is. I am a huge fan of Vans and the style of their t-shirts, and when I saw this as I was walking past I knew I needed it.

As you can see it has the simple Christmas like green sleeves with a plain white front and the vans logo with a red background. And to add to the Christmas theme White snowflakes.

I like the fact that the snowflakes aren't too out there, meaning I could probably get away with wearing this after Christmas for quite a bit.

This was originally priced at £25 however, I managed to get it at £17.50 during the Black Friday sales so definitely have a look around for some discount codes if this is the one you want.

If you have any plans over December feel free to comment them down below, I would love to know what everyone else is doing around the Christmas time.

                                                                 Until next time, Chloe!


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