December 7th - Best Tips To Survive Working Over The Holidays

Now although this is now the time to be jolly and merry. I understand that a lot of people are still working up until Christmas eve, like myself. And although this can be heartbreaking, not being able to spend most of the days running up and after Christmas with your loved ones. But it is essential to still stay merry during this time. 

The main tip is to think about the time, you will still be getting time off. In my case it may only be a couple of days on and off but a break is better than nothing. I find that for me it is quality not quantity. 

I would rather have a day or two off every once in a while than a week off in which I do nothing and and no productivity.

Overall the key is positivity, don't see it as an end of the world situation, more of a right so I have a day maybe two. What can I do in order to make the most of my time off. 

If you are working over Christmas then feel free to share your pain down below, if not then congrats to you!

                                                    Until next time, Chloe!