December 2nd - Too Faced Metal Lipstick Dupe - Makeup Revolution Lip Lava

As it is the second day of December I wanted to share with you a recently new found lip product that could look great on you throughout December

Liquid lipsticks have never really been my thing, I didn't like the idea of them being sticky on my lips giving that weird texture. But after hearing a lot of people rave about the Two Faced Melted lipsticks I thought I might as well have a go.

I didn't really want to pay £19 for a product I wouldn't like so after shopping around for a bit I found the Makeup Revolution Lip lava's. 

Makeup revolution are becoming well know for their dupes, the iconic pro palette (lorac dupe), the iconic pro lipsticks (mac dupe) and now the Lip lava's which are the Two Face melted dupes. There are 5 shades in the range less than half that are in the two faced collection but the 5 shades vary from nudes to berry shades.

I picked up Firestorm which is a bright red, dupe to Strawberry from Too faced. The product says to just glide the applicator along the lips and honestly it is that simple. I never felt like it was tugging on my lips.

Just make sure you get all of your lip as the applicator can't really get to all of your lips in just one sweep so make sure to go over in the inner corners. The colour pay off for this is incredible, it is a bright red with a vibrant tint to it which I honestly didn't really expect.

The texture was the main thing for me, it doesn't even feel like I have it on. I would say it feels like a matte lipstick no feel of gloss whatever. But the liquid lipstick does leave a slight shine to it. 

This can last all day as it never seems to wipe off the lips or fade, but if you are eating food with this on I advise reapplying it afterwards just to top it up a bit as it can fade slightly as expected with most liquids when you eat.

This costs £2.99 which is £16 and a penny cheaper than the two faced one. In my opinion this is a complete bargain for a product that is completely similar the only differences is the packaging obviously and that this one has less of a gloss compared to the Two Faced one but for the sheer fact that this is over £15 cheaper I don't particularly mind as I'm not really a gloss girl. 

If you want to see how this looks on with a full face of makeup I included this in my Winter Red Lip look post below incase you want to see how it looks altogether.

Winter Red Lip look post

                                                                  Until next time, Chloe!