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Best Spots in Manchester for a Good Old Drink

I'm surprised I've never really covered this before, but in the past year I've ventured out a bit and gone around town looking for the best places for a drink, from cocktails to ciders there's a range of places across Manchester that deserve a bit of a spotlight. I like a mixture of drinks and there's nothing worse than going to a new bar and choosing the same drink you have everywhere else, I like to try something different each time. So if you're looking for a new place to grab a drink take note of where am about to mention, from the Northern Quarter to Spinningfields. 

First up, is Jimmy's if you're into the more indie scene of Manchester this is a great place to check out. They have a great range of cocktails, great music that you can't miss and they house a lot of gigs around the year. Some of my best gigs from the past year have been at Jimmy's and it's somewhere you really can't miss. It's a bit different to the rest on the lis…

The £3 Highlighter You Need To Invest In

Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands. They offer alternative dupe products to some of the most loved makeup products out there. They do great eyeshadow palettes and some amazing powder products. I decided to test out the much loved raved about highlighter.

It's the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights. This is a really bright white highlighter with a slight hint of yellow to it. First things first with this is the pigmentation is crazy. I like to use a fair bit of highlighter to really give a good glow but you honestly don't need much of this to get a good glow.

I use an angled contour brush to apply my highlighter as for me this is the best way at achieving a symmetrical glow. I normally apply highlighter after I have done my contouring, just before I set my face as I get really worried that all the powders will cake up. I tend to set this with a slight bit of banana powder to make sure the effect really sticks.

I use a little bi…

Here's Why You Need Moringa Oil

Every now and then I invest in a new oil to help look after my skin. I love using oils because I love how natural they are and how good they are for your skin. I tend to use an oil for about 3 months then allow my skin a break for a little bit and then get back into using one again. As I suffer from acne prone skin I don't like to use too many products that could make my acne worse. 

After using tea tree oil for a long time I decided to move onto Moringa Oil. I received an offer to trial out the Wikaniko Moringa Oil to try and I have never been happier to test out a new oil. As someone who has acne and combination skin I really wanted to make sure that this would be benefitting my skin. 

This oil is amazing for fighting acne and blackheads as it helps to target the spots and calm them down. It reduces redness and stops any dirt that is trapped around the spot from spreading. On top of this it helps to leave your skin radiant and glowy. As someone who is highlighter obsessed having a…

Nightime Skincare Routine

As someone who suffers from a lot of skin problems having a routine is an essential.  I don't tend to use an awful lot of products as I find this tends to damage my skin so I really watch how many and what products I use. Every now and then I re-vamp my skincare to make sure my skin is getting the best it needs. So today I thought I would share with you my staple pieces of my skincare routine. 

Firstly is the makeup remover. I only use this skincare routine at night as I never have the time in the morning to do the whole thing. For makeup removers I use the MakeupRevolution Makeup Eraser £9.99 cloth. I recently reviewed this here and honestly I can't live without it. It helps to get rid of every inch of my makeup and leaves my skin soft and clean. All you need is a little bit of water and then the cloth starts to do it's magic. 

Next up are the creams, I use an eye cream and scar gel. For eye cream I use the Nivea Cellular Ant-Age Eye Cream £15.75. I have really dark under e…

Best Under £10 Makeup Remover Makeup Revolution: Makeup Eraser

Micellar Water has been one of the latest makeup remover crazes in the past couple of years. Easy to enough to buy and only takes a little amount to remove every inch of makeup. The convenience of this product took the makeup world by storm but what if I told you there was something even easier than micellar water you could use to remove your makeup. After a necessary splurge on Superdrug a month ago I came across the Makeup Revolution Makeup Eraser. A dupe for the original makeup eraser brought out a couple of years back this is meant to be a seriously good dupe and an easy way to remove makeup without needing any other products. 

The makeup eraser is a soft cloth that works when wet to remove every single slither of makeup. Once you've soaked the cloth thoroughly you're ready to go. I recommend using a big part of the cloth and then working this round the face as it's quite tough to use just a little part. I normally tend to remove my face makeup completely first rinsing …

Reflection} 3 Years of Blogging

In February I hit officially 3 years of me positing on this blog. It was a day that I never thought would come round and when the day did arrive it was bittersweet. There was a part of me that felt so happy I managed to work on this passion of mine for 3 years, I had managed to get a schedule sorted and fit my life around this blog. Which honestly makes me so happy and is such a good escape place sometimes when I need to get away from everything. 

But there was a strong part of me that felt this pinch of negativity to it. It was only in the past year that I really decided to go public with my blog. From creating my twitter and instagram and to even starting to go to more makeup and beauty events. I've not managed to get a place fully in the community but I'm happy that now I'm starting to get it all together. 

A lot of time has been spent hiding this blog away, I was scared to hear people's thoughts on it and generally just didn't want anyone close to me to know. But…

Is It Really The Best Drugstore Foundation? L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation

If you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks then you probably won't have heard about the new L'Oreal Range. They have released a set of products to help you achieve that full coverage flawless finish that everyone is desperate for. L'Oreal is at the higher end of the drugstore, but nevertheless they refuse to let you pay more than £15 for one of their foundations. Compared to other companies on the high end side that will charge almost double that. 

Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on the L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation. There's very mixed opinions on this foundation at the moment so I thought I would share my opinion on this. It claims to have a full coverage and weightless feel, with this new "camo stretch technology" allowing ultimate spreadability and even coverage. 

The range features 5 shades, I picked up the shade Porcelain (10). This foundation is more on the pink side, so if your face is more warm toned like…

February Favourites

This past month has been full of new products in terms of the makeup area. I have been testing new masks, new lipsticks, and lots of other things. For now I am going to leave most of the new products for a few more weeks whilst I gather my opinions on them. But I am sharing with you two of the new products that I have been loving this past month. 

My main focus this month has been skincare, I noticed that my skin was starting to get a little dry and more acne prone. I decided to try some new stuff starting with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash. This is a new take on Garnier's famous micellar water, making it into a gel cleanser that foams up removing makeup and any other dirt on your face. This helps to cleanse and soothe your skin whilst taking away any dirt lying underneath your skin. I tend to use this in the morning just to clean and refresh my skin incase there's any makeup I haven't managed to get off fully. In terms of using this as a makeup remover this works…