Is the Missguided £1 Bikini A Real Bargain

If you're an avid fast fashion buyer or you like to stay in the loop, you would have seen that Missguided released a £1 bikini: a simple black triangle shape bikini ranging from sizes 4-24. The offer is for a limited time only; releasing 1000s onto the website each day. For some, this might sound like heaven. A cheap bikini perfect for Summer: a great staple. It even beats the prices of Primark and other brands promising cheap affordable clothing.

But how much of a bargain is this bikini for the consumer and the producers, when the bikini is only £1. This brings the question, how much is it really costing to make it? Are they really making a profit or are they shortchanging the suppliers and the workers behind that £1 bikini? When we break the bikini down it's all about polyester, which is largely unsustainable and harms the planet massively. So, if it's really worth that one photo of you on an inflatable in Greece then you do you, but for the rest of us, I think it's …

Best Under £10 Makeup Remover Makeup Revolution: Makeup Eraser

Micellar Water has been one of the latest makeup remover crazes in the past couple of years. Easy to enough to buy and only takes a little amount to remove every inch of makeup. The convenience of this product took the makeup world by storm but what if I told you there was something even easier than micellar water you could use to remove your makeup. After a necessary splurge on Superdrug a month ago I came across the Makeup Revolution Makeup Eraser. A dupe for the original makeup eraser brought out a couple of years back this is meant to be a seriously good dupe and an easy way to remove makeup without needing any other products. 

The makeup eraser is a soft cloth that works when wet to remove every single slither of makeup. Once you've soaked the cloth thoroughly you're ready to go. I recommend using a big part of the cloth and then working this round the face as it's quite tough to use just a little part. I normally tend to remove my face makeup completely first rinsing it after each time it takes off some makeup and then work onto my eyes last. 

To really put this to the test, I wanted to see how it would work with mascara. I wear waterproof mascara as that's the best thing to avoid flakes or crispy lashes for me so this was a real test to see if it could get it all off and honestly the cloth doesn't do too bad. I find that something such as an oil is better for waterproof mascara as it helps to break down the product but the cloth still does a pretty decent job at removing at least half of it. 

Normally I wear quite a lot of makeup on a day to day basis so I was sceptical that after a while the cloth may have just taken up so much makeup it can't handle anymore but this does a really good job. The cloth doesn't feel to heavy and it doesn't have water splashing everywhere. It seems to absorb the right amount of water and not soak in too much makeup. 

 Drying time between uses is pretty quick, I tend to put this by my radiator straight after uses to speed this up but normally it dries quickly. What is good about this is that they are machine washable, it's safe up to a 1000 washes which I doubt you would ever manage quickly. I tend to wash this about 1-2 times a week depending on how much makeup I have been wearing that week. 

The only con I would say is that you have to remember to clean it at least once a week as it soon starts to get soaked in makeup and the effect starts to wear until it's nice and clean again. But you can always put this in the wash after taking your makeup off and it'd be ready for the next day. 

The Makeup Eraser retails for £9.99 which is a seriously good deal for this, seeing as you don't require any other cleansers or makeup removers this is a good price to pay. I find within a month I go through almost 2 bottles of micellar water which equals up to near enough the same price of buying just one makeup eraser. And because you can clean this and use it for up to 1000 washes you are really cutting down on time and money. Overall, I'm really impressed with this I still keep my micellar water for my mascara but apart from that I'm sold on using this now as my new makeup remover. 

If you try this product out for yourself comment down below and let me know how you found it!

                                  Until next time, Chloe!


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