Drugstore Rose Gold Inspired Liner Look

I love changing my makeup every now and then, I love experimenting with different colours. But I have never really ventured out that far when it comes to eyeliner. I decided to go bold and try a rose gold liner look a couple of weeks ago on Twitter and Instagram and thought I'd share with you how it went. 

First off this isn't a look you can do 5 minutes before you need to head out. I'd leave a fair bit of time free incase you need to reapply it or need to practice getting that perfect wing. I did the rest of my face before attempting anything with my eyes which was a bit of a mistake as I did have to reapply the concealer around my eyes as I made a little mistake so definitely do this before the rest of your face. 

For an eye base I used the Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Creme De Rose £5.99. I have used this almost every single day it's normally the one thing that is always on my lids currently. I can't get enough of it. It stays on all day and is such a neutral everyday colour that works great with warm toned shades. I normally leave this for about 5 minutes to set, during this time I was picking out what I would use for liner. 

Now for the life of me I can only work with felt tip styled liners, I haven't mastered brush liner yet so I didn't want to go straight in the deep end here. I decided to have a go with an angled liner brush as it's the most precise way to get exactly what you want. For the liner I decided to go with a lip topper. It might sound daft but it works great as they're intended to stick to your lips all day so surely it works the same for your lips right? I used the NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Topper in Speed of Light £7. It's such a highly pigmented rose gold look that I thought would be the best thing to use as it means I shouldn't need to go back and reapply it through the day. 

I decided to apply my eyeshadow first before the liner incase it got smudged. I used the Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte Palette £8. This is such a good day to night palette to use. The colours are pretty neutral but you can build them up and create a really nice look. I used the first light shade all over my lid and then used this gorgeous peachy shade on my crease. I used the more red toned shade on my outer lid just to make the look a bit bolder. 

Once I had blended this out it was time to finally go in with the liner. I started off by lining my eyes with the liner first to get the angle of the flick right. I then carefully ish did the flick and finished the look with the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara £8.99. I have used this mascara for the longest time and I have no intention to try something new yet, it helps get the lashes I want overtime without flaking or going weird. 

And that's it I hope you enjoyed this kind of post. I want to start explaining more of my makeup looks  so you guys can see how I'm using some of my favourite products at the moment. 

                            Until next time, Chloe!