So University Is Finally Over

I've waited for so long to write this post, three years ago I was halfway through my A-Levels and I was ready to start preparing for University. It feels weird now to say that it's all over, and I can relax for a month before starting my new job. When I finished my exam I expected to have this uplifting ecstatic feeling, and I did but I was also left with this weird feeling that it's all over and that's it. It's weird when you've spent so long writing your dissertation and preparing for exams for it to just all be done, everyone finishes at different times and it's just generally weird.

But it makes me more than excited to start my new job and not to get all soppy but start a new chapter, I have a lot of good and bad memories from University. I made friends for life and also experienced parts of life I never thought I would, I always used to cringe when people said that University helped them change as a person. But I do genuinely believe it does something, …

The Ikea Bits You Need To Pick Up For Summer

Ikea is that one place where I end up buying so much stuff I don't need. I can't look round without picking up stuff. I thought I would show you some of the things I picked up on my recent trip. They have some of the cutest stuff for Summer now.

The first thing I picked up was these glasses. They are so cute and the flamingo detail is great for Summer. They do full sized glasses as well but I thought these would be cute for Summer. Great for a nice Summer drink and sitting in the garden. I just loved the cute detailing on them and for just 75p you can't go wrong.

I also picked up this mug as well. This is such a cute mug and the detailing gives it a nice vintage feel. I would probably use this if I'm having a cup of tea as I don't tend to have a lot of hot drinks. I just loved how small and practical this was as it's not too heavy or fragile. For just 95p it was too cute not to get it.

I then decided to pick up some plants. Over the past couple of months I've been collecting cactus and I decided to get some more for my collection. I picked up this pack of three and honestly I love them. I didn't want to get any that were too big as I don't have a lot of space when I move out again in September so these were perfect. Each one is so distinct, I haven't managed to find many similar to these. For the pack of 3 they were just £4.50which was such a bargain.

I also picked up a succulent plant as well. When I move back out I want to change the layout of my room so I thought some new plants would help me to change the look of it. This comes in such a nice pot that would look great on my window sill when I move back in. As they are a really easy plant to look after I might be getting some more in the next couple of months. This was just £3 and they have so many different ones to choose from.

The last thing I picked up was this pack of prints. I am thinking of using more prints and posters when I move back out as I didn't feel like I really made the most out of my accommodation and all the wall space I don't really think I used well. This features a range of prints that I can't wait to put onto my walls. I might try and put some of them into frames and put them on my desk. This pack of prints was just £1 so even if I don't use all 4 of them it's still such good value for money.

For now that's all that I bought. I don't want to get as much stuff this time when I move out again as I found myself taking back a lot of the stuff I had bought when I first moved in. If you have any decor items you like comment them down below and i'll check them out.

                                 Until next time, Chloe!


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