My Goals Til The End Of The Year

WOO, I'm back, it feels weird having a bit of a break. But in all honesty it was very overdue, I'm the kind of person that finds themselves running on empty quite a bit. It's something I don't want to be like obviously, but I'm very much an 'oh well I'll find time for a break later on' rather than at the moment when I need it. It's not exactly been a relaxing sit around do nothing, it's been more of a right I have a new job so my attention needs to be on that, I'm in the world of 9-5 so it's taken me some time to find my feet and get settled into the new routine. 

But I feel like I've got there now, I actually do 7 hours a day so my trick to combat that is to do add an extra hour onto my day to go to a cute cafe and get some blog posts done. And with that, I wanted to set myself some goals so that this break and time to think was for more than my return post. My blog has been very up and down over the years, it's had an up and dow…

What's Going On This Month

It's November and it feels weird that this year is almost coming to a close. So much has happened in this year and I'm excited to step back and see what I've achieved throughout these past couple of months. It's time to sit down and talk about some of the things that are coming up this month up to the end of the year. 

First up is The Growing Up Guide. After the launch and successful couple of posts I thought it was about time to talk about this exciting project more. I have a few posts scheduled to go up this month and I'm in the process of writing up the Christmas posts. Oh yeah Christmas is coming. I'm excited to get into that festive spirit now that Halloween is out of the way. It's time to bring out the Christmas lights. From outfit guides to uni life there'a range of stuff coming up soon so head on over to have a look. 

The Bloglovin posts are staying as well. I wanted to trial them out and see how they go and for the past 13 weeks they've been doing really well. It's nice to reflect on the week and talk about the goods of the past 7 days. I do want to touch on more subjects on there and make it that personal space so any suggestions for that would be great. It's time we got more personal and talked about stuff so having a separate space for that is great. 

Next up is the Manchester Christmas Markets. These launch on the 10th of November and are dotted around everywhere in the centre of Manchester. This year is expected to be better than ever, I'm planning on finally grabbing one of them mugs after so many years of going. I will be posting a review and the best places to go for it soon so wait up for that. The exciting part is the Christmas posts, I'm thinking of doing 3 posts a week on here over Christmas whilst also sticking to the weekly bloglovin posts. Doing daily posts is a bit too much of a stretch so I promise to do at least 3 posts a week over on here. You'll still be getting the Instagram posts so head on over to see that happening. 

Blog post wise I have some stuff coming up, from talking about how second year of University is going. New makeup looks and some good old reviews and some fashion posts hopefully. I'm getting this months posts planned so it's time to get cracking and get some posts done. I want to get as far ahead as possible to make sure it's all ready for you guys to read. It's not that amazing writing a blog post up 10 minutes before it's due to go up. 

Let me know down below what you're doing this month, and anything you have planned. You can also head-on over to my Twitter to see what I'm up to. I've got a new blog post up every Wednesday and Sunday and a new Bloglovin post up every Friday. 

Until next time, Chloe! 


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