The Festive Accessories For The New Year

The festivities are flowing and it's time to get in the mood. The New Year is beginning and the party outfits are out. Even though the clothes make the outfit the accessories matter to and never forget that. If you're stuck for outfit ideas then check out my top picks here but if you're here for those needed accessories let's get cracking then.

Let's talk the chokers. Since the hype around them came I have been in love ever since. There isn't a week or two that goes by where I don't mention my love for them. It's a weird love to have but for me they become a staple to every outfit. I haven't even got my NYE outfit planned yet so I'll drop in a few of  my choker faves instead. If I wanna go glitzy this one from DesignB London off Asos is great. I love the vintage jewel design it has and paired with a statement dress or a killer suit this works great for the night.

If you want to carry than ring pull trend through to the new year this Gold one from Missguided is beyond dreamy. It's inexpensive and can be worn with anything. It has that simple details but the gold really brings this to a statement piece. If you paired this with a nice skirt or a simple dress it really brings the outfit to a new level.

If a choker isn't your thing there are so many necklaces out there for you. Asos have brought out the cutest necklace two set. The dot and dash ball pendant necklace is the best way to layer with your accessories. Pair it with a flow shirt and a statement skirt and this works great. You can have these hanging low or high up towards the neck so you can have it whatever way you want.

Another layered necklace that is a little less out there is this Triple Star Chain from Monki. The star details on this work great and can we just appreciate how cute those 3 little stars are. Like come on we all secretly need those in our life. I'd be very surprised if I don't end up buying these by the end of this year.

I am not personally a bracelet fan as I always find that they move around and it always bugs me. I can't have something that moves up and down my arm and I hate the feeling of something tight on my arm. Even though I am not a fan of them I have found some great ones for that bracelet lover. Simple ones that even I may actually like.

For the simple bracelets there's this charm one from Accessorize. This bracket is paired with the cutest details. The beads and the star detail on the charm adds a bit of glitz without being too out there. I'm not afraid to be extra when it comes to accessories but sometimes you just want to go simple without being too much. 

Now for those of you that do want to go all out there. Monki have this gorgeous gold sphere bracelet. The design reminds me of baubles and it's the perfect thing to have for New Years. This is definitely on my list to grab so you may see it in what I wore for Nye pretty soon.

Ring wise I have one favourite. I am a statement ring lover so I really wanted to just choose one that did it for me. As this is all about dressing up and making a statement I have kept everything relatively cheap. I would like to have more expensive and sentimental jewellery but for nights out I fear I would lose it all. For the ring of choice I spotted this one from Accessorize stood out to me. I have been dreaming about owning something like this for ages and I need to pick this up as soon as possible. I love the eye detail and the hint of green to it. Around Christmas time green is big and it's a great way to bring those festivities into your outfit it's the perfect little thing to have over this party season. 

Let me know down below what accessories you've got lined up for New Years and what your plans are. I think I'm heading out for new years to kick start the new year. 

Until next time, Chloe!