5 Minute Train Makeup Routine

I haven’t done a makeup routine in a while. I was in the midst of hopping off one train onto the next and I was trying to get a bit of makeup on my face before I miss the next train. I’ll tell you now it’s doesn’t require lashes and super glam makeup it’s minimal essentials that dolled me up a little. The 5 minutes of panic and blending was done for me and the woman on the train across from me seemed to be impressed by my quick work. Anyway let’s get to what I used and how it all worked out. 

The base was very minimal the trusty Makeup Revolution conceal and define concealer dotted where needed and quickly blended in with a buffing brush. No blending sponge you say! Well am I really gonna hop into the train toilets just to dampen a sponge I think not. 

For the rest of the base I stuck to the Freedom Pro Contour Palette sweeping a bit of contour across the cheeks and that lovely little bit of yellow highlight under the eyes to try an add a little bit of life back to them. I had a morning exam on not much sleep so trust me I wanted to feel a cute bit of highlight. Speaking of highlight I doused myself in the SophDoesNails highlighter the bronzing shade was a dream and worked great. Bit of an effortless oh my is she glowing kind of highlight. What a result. 

For the brows it’s a new product finally! I’ll fill you in now and the brows in a second but the eye products are the same boring I know! But what is a girl suppose to do when she loves two products that have never let her down. Anyway I used the Brow Archery 2 in 1 brow pencil and eyebrow gel to add a bit of something to them and get them in place. My eyebrows don’t really require a lot of work but there are a few places where they need to be darker. Then line the eyes and get the mascara going. Pop on the Vaseline and it’s done. 

My 5 minute makeup train look, and for your information I managed to do the liner A okay on a moving train. Wasn’t my best work but it’s something to be proud of. I would’ve loved more time to do a proper look but this got me having a bit of pep in my step and got that glow on my cheeks. 

Let me know how a 5 minute makeup look normally works out for you. I’m hoping it’s the last one for a long time but it was kind of exciting seeing how quick I got it done.

Until next time, Chloe!