Do I Have Enough Shoes?

Shoes never really were my thing. As a kid I didn't want many pairs, I lived in my converse as a kid and that was me. It's not until I got older and got a job on a shoe shop that I became a bit obsessed with shoes. I never really realised how much they contribute to an outfit. As my uniform at work is based around the shoes i got my appreciation for what's on my feet. Which brings us to the present day me trying to justify the amount of shoes i have. Especially the styles you should invest in.

Let's get the highest amount out of the way, the boots. We've just had Autumn and we're escaping Winter how could I not get new boots. Well 4 pairs of boots to be exact. They are versatile they aren't like sandals that you only wear in Summer these are an all round year investment. Come on that justifies the amount I have right? I mainly go for heeled ones. Being 5'3 ain't easy especially when it comes to walking next to everyone else and feeling like the little one in the group. Something with a heel just props you up, it adds some jazz to your outfit. If it's a statement boot now we're talking. One of my favourite pairs I bought were these from Primark. I'm gutted that they really aren't comfy as I'd happily wear them everyday. From that off purple grey colour to the patent leather effect and that ring pull, the whole lot of it just makes me happy okay. I didn't think i'd get much use of these but they go with anything I own. I didn't realise I could find a way to wear these so much. If I can finally break them in you shall see me in them 24/7.

Let's go a little softer for the middle then. I have always wanted a good pair of loafers and brogues. They're easy to put with an outfit and they're a pretty formal shoe. They can also be extremely comfy if you get certain ones. I've always loved the stella mccartney platform shoes but let's be honest I don't have £400+ to spend on them. Not for something I won't wear all the time. Instead i treated myself to some in your face silver loafers and these burgundy brogues and I guess you could say I'm doing alright here. First off these loafers are some of the comfiest pairs of shoes i've ever bought I took them to Paris with me and they were so good. They've had enough limelight but I never really talked about these brogues. These were my work shoes on the run up to Christmas time and they were such a treat to wear. As the new season stuff rolls in these are going on the back burner but I love the stiff style to them and that deep red colour is something we all know I can get on board with.

Let's get to what's been craving my shoe addiction, trainers. Yep I said it I've never really been a massive trainer fan. I don't like real sporty kind of trainers i want the casual ones. After getting my first pair of old skools a year ago I was hooked and got a limited edition pair not long after. Since then I am now the owner of some stan smiths, gold nike cortez. And maybe going to be getting a new pair of old skools. For me since my fashion sense has had a revamp and a sort i find trainers a lot easier to pair with an outfit. Not only are they comfier there's a lot out there that hit the boxes for casual fashion whilst still having that sport vibe to them. It's a beautiful blend of the two.

Let me know down below what shoes you're obsessing over at the moment. I'd love to hear what everyone is wearing at the moment. You can head on over to my Instagram to see more shoe envy.

Until next time, Chloe!