Let's Go For A Trip Around The World

It's that time to break out the suitcase and the travel essentials and get ready for some exploring. I am off to Edinburgh and Budapest in less than a week and I am so excited. I am currently drowing in revision cards and the idea of a couple days away and somewhere new to explore is keeping me sane. I wanted to travel more this year, stop holding myself back. I want to go so many places this year and learn to do what's better for me sometimes. That place i've always wanted to visit doesn't have to stay on my list all the time. So it's time to look at some new places. 

I want to visit London this year. I went years ago and I loved it, wasn't there long enough sadly but I would love to go back even just for a weekend. I wanna take in the city and finally go near Camden market. I have dreams of walking down the streets inspired, with so many ideas and visuals to take in. 

I'd love to go back to Paris maybe, it's such a hectic and busy place it was kind of addictive. I love busy places it always makes me focus and be productive. It's not a quiet city and that's one of the best parts for me. 

Budapest is on the list and i can't wait to go next week, although the weather isn't going to be the warmest it should be so good regardless. I've got the winter coat and turtlenecks at the go. Thank god for the Winter sales ay. I'm ready to fully submerse myself in some new culture. 

Maybe not this year probably in a couple of years I'd love to visit Miami. I went when I was a lot younger and i was in total awe. There's something so relaxed and flashy about the town, i remember seeing people driving their ferrari's round the place everywhere. Everything had it's own to it. I'd love to take some inspiration from it and generally just see a new scene. 

Somewhere a little more achievable i'd love to spend the day in Liverpool. It's beyond close and wouldn't cost a lot but I'd love to take the time out for the day when it gets warmer and look at the city. I've got so many recommendations for places to go that i wouldn't get stuck for ideas. 

These are just some of the places i want to visit. I plan on making a diary of where I go and doing my little travel guides for each place. Let me know where i should go and if you're going anywhere new this year?

Until next time, Chloe!