Why Did I Choose This Degree?

Psychology, no it isn't a mind reading degree. And no my one goal isn't to become a therapist. Why did i chose psychology is a question I normally ask half way through an essay, where the motivation is gone and i'm wondering if doing Law was the better idea. I pick myself up grab a hot chocolate and remember why I am here. Why I am doing this degree. 

My passion has always been to help someone, I want to have a contribution and for me it's either in research or on a group level. The idea of being a teacher has never sat right with me. But I have always been influenced by education, it's always had my passion and i received a lot of support and help that i wish i could give back to someone else. Since starting my retail job i got more experience with serving and helping customers with behavioural issues and disabilities. The world is hardest enough sometimes for us it can be even harder and daunting for someone with behavioural or disability issues. 

Imagine going to school and not getting a proper education because the support isn't there. Whether it's academic or emotional I want to be there for people. I met an outstanding of school support throughout my time, the long hours and hard work made me more appreciative of what they do. They are passionate about helping us succeed in life. I have always wanted to pay my thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout Primary up to University level and ways like this help to do so. 

This degree has allowed me to explore human behaviour in so many different ways, through looking at culture, evolution and mental health. Looking into mental health gave me a stronger awareness to the issues in today's society above what I perceived them to be. I got to be hands on with research and see what researchers are exploring and finding out. The ability to be at the front of this and see how psychology helps to shape a lot of our life is a massive thing i'm glad i take part in. 

Yes it's a lot of work and i've been put through extreme stress and so many sleepless nights and all nights in the library. But to hand that lab report in and to look at the transcripts from our study is such a weird feeling. It's your chance to be out there in the world. It's that step up from reading out loud the book you were reading in high school. It's the chance to put my mark on Psychology. And i am so glad to be doing a degree i am passionate about. 

It takes time to reflect and look back, University goes by quickly and my degree is almost half way done. It feels odd to sit here knowing I graduate next year. If you are considering University honestly do it, focus on what course you want to do and as long as you are passionate about it you will find the University is for you. Your motivation and passion will dip and dive but that is with anything. 

I will be doing a second year update soon so look out for that. I'm gonna get back to writing that essay 

Until next time, Chloe!