Dreamy Asos Outfit Wishlist

It's clothes time, nope I don't need anymore but that doesn't mean I can't dream of the pieces I long to own. There's a real mix appearing at the moment, I want to incorporate them all into my wardrobe so it's really about getting those staple pieces. My go-to place for all of this is Asos, with the new in section updated daily there's always something to come across.

I thought I would share with you the items on my wishlist, one day I better be owning some of this. There's a mix of trainers, boots, dresses, tops, the whole shubang. And with that let's get started with some tops I need in my life right now.

First off is this Rainbow stripe crop top, anything rainbow is in at the moment. Those pops of colour help to add a bit of joy to any outfit. This top can be matched with pretty much anything and it'd work, think a denim skirt or some flares you can dress it however it suits you. This isn't one of those pieces you have to buy a whole new outfit to go with it. Another top that I seriously need to get in my life is this Graphic Face print tee, I've had my eye on this for ages. It'd go with the earrings i bought recently which obviously justifies it a lot more. It has a baggy fit to it which I am all for, this can be layered with a light dress over it or even a jumpsuit depending on the fit.

Speaking of jumpsuits,  I'm falling back in love with these. As a petite gal it's hard to get a good fitting jumpsuit that works in all the right areas. I love layering a jumpsuit over things at the moment. Especially with the weather it's good to wear a light jumpsuit and have a nice tshirt underneath. Especially with those statement tees and prints being in at the moment, hiding it a little under a jumpsuit is a great trick. This tartan one needs to be in my wardrobe ASAP, it has more of a Autumn feel to it but I love it. I have a thing for tartan and I love the contrast between the strict tartan and the flare of the jumpsuit, this with a turtleneck underneath would be so dreamy right now. If you want something a little lighter, this black frill style is perfect. It's light enough to wear on it's own but if you would layering this it has a real cute feel to it. 

If we're thinking about bottoms for a second, I have fell head over heels with some right now. This pair of red striped flares need to enter my wardrobe soon. We all know that I love a good flare and if it can be striped that's even better. They look so soft and comfy and they can be dressed up or down and still work. They're a great way to get into that crayola bright trend and I definitely need these right now. 

Now we get onto shoes, oh boy have I found so many that I want right now. From boots to shoes there's a real range. I thought I would show you this pair that have caught my eye and aren't planning on leaving my mind anytime soon. I fell for some boots yet again, now these are more of a marmite kind of boot. They have a western dominatrix kinda vibe to them and I'm fully obessed. From the studded detail to the sling back style on the back it hits a whole section of the trends at the moment. These are an absolute dream and they would definitely be a splurge purchase for myself. 

There we have it, just some of the stuff I need in my life right now. They're essential pieces to carry on through the rest of the year with me. It's all about having these statement pieces and then you're sorted. Let me know what stuff you are dreaming of on ASOS there's a whole pile of stuff I could get right now. 

Until next time, Chloe! 


  1. I love the red striped flares and the boots! I also have a wishlist of items that I just keep going back to!!