Hidden Gems- Size? Trainer Love

It's no surprise that I've fallen in love with trainers. I really go through phases when it comes to shoes. One week I only want boots, then it's brogues, then it's sandals. It's a weird kind of phase I go through but the obession gets real. Since getting more into trainers I've felt the need to get more. They go with anything, they are casual but can be dressed up to some extreme. Every holiday or trip has to include a pair of trainers it just has to happen. I've been on the hunt for a new pair and let's just say I may have found 3 or 5 pairs that I need in my life. 

Around Manchester there's so many shops to check out, from Schuh, Jd, and Office there's a range. I have recently fell in love with size?. They offer a range of limited edition stock, shoes, clothes, accessories the whole lot. Offering 10% student discount it is the newest place you need to check out. 

I've picked out the top three pairs that I really need in my life, first off let's talk about Stan Smiths £70 for a second. I got my first pair at Christmas and I haven't stopped wearing them since, these are a take on the classic style but a hint of gold to them. That copper gold back really mixes this up, I have the stitched checkboard style and something like this is just the next step up. I have fell for these, and with the metallic design it makes them so easy to pair with anything, they are a comfy trainer you can wear with anything, no worries about styling these anymore. If you wear flares or a jumpsuit these work great with that straight line style. 

Next up is a pair of Cortez £62, I managed to pick up a pair in the Christmas sales and I fell in love with them straight away. I love the platform style to them, it brings a hint of the 90's into them and with a dress or flares these work amazing. They've remixed this classic style by incorporating Nylon. I managed to try a pair on and oh my are these even comfier, they have a more lightweight feel to them and with that material these are gonna be perfect for Summer. They've introduced some brand new colours and although I am drawn instantly to the Navy, these bright yellow ones really speak to me. They're bright and out there and in Summer these would be amazing and on trend with that crayola brights style that is going on currently. 

The last pair are a little more casual, I've had my eye on a pair of Gazelle's £70 for ages. I own trainers of all different colours except for navy. I own 1 whole pair of blue shoes and it's time to switch that up. I've been on the hunt for a blue pair and these have graced my life at the correct time. They have a lighter colour to them and with them being suede you can easily brush them to be darker or lighter. They are a classic style that will work with anything. They stick with the classic gazelle style and they would easily be that staple style that will be sticking with me for years. 

There we have some of the trainers I seriously need in my life right now, I seriously need all of these and I definitely will be investing in a new pair soon. If you haven't already check out size? they do clothing as well which we all know I seriously need in my life. Let me know what trainers you have your eye on I'm open to any recommendations 

Until next time, Chloe!


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