Hidden Gems- Where it's heading

It's a little bit odd writing this, I almost feel sad that it's coming to a halt for now. I wanted to get more content onto my blog for this year. I wanted there to be a real mix of stuff from your beauty places to the food to the little shops you gotta go in. I never had serious plans for this to instantly take off but they've been a real hit really. 

I wanted to keep it central to Manchester, the advice centre for those just visiting or after somewhere new to go. I've shared a lot of places around Manchester before so it was crucial that I kept it different and didn't just rhyme off the places everybody knows about. I started to reach a point where I was struggling for ideas, I didn't wanna loose the flavour it had so we're gonna be shaking it up. Call it Hidden Gems 2.0 

It's time to get something different in there, rather than constantly giving you the same old. It took a lot of brainstorming, well it took 5 minutes of a genius idea  to come to life. Each week I am sharing with you something different it might be a top that I found, a food place I spent too much money in, or even just the small pleasures. I don't want to constantly be showing you places to spend money at there's so many things we can enjoy that cost nothing. 

Think of the new hidden gems and a mix of the weekly bloglovin posts and the good old gems. I wanted to have something different on my blog that has no flow to it. I try to stay on track with the beauty and fashion but sometimes it's good to just get chatting about our own wellbeing. From that snazzy diary I bought to the trainers i can't stop wearing I want there to be a mix. And this new hidden gems series is the way forwards. 

If you've missed any I will leave the list here there's real range to feast your eyes on from the bagel shop of my dreams to the cute little shops you need to check out. 

I wanted a mix up and we've got it, the range of posts i have planned give off a real variety and I can't wait for you all to see 

You shall be seeing these changes very soon, Until next time Chloe! 

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