I Fell Back In Love With Makeup Again

It may seem like my love for makeup never disappeared. I've had a constant red smokey eye the whole time and nobody guessed it. However since middle January I've barely put on makeup unless I was going on a night out. It's weird to think that I just stopped wearing it a lot. I've become more confident in my skin and i preferred less makeup for a while. It meant I could spend more time in bed and generally at the time my appearance was the last of my concerns.

As weird as it sounds i didn't feel the same without it all on. I'm not talking the layers of concealer foundations and powders. I missed my eye makeup more than anything. I missed spending too long doing my eyeliner and feeling like a brand new person with a bit of mascara. It was like a little mask I could wear for myself that got me out into the world. Makeup is something i've liked and stuck with since being 13 and it felt weird to have a break from it for a bit.

I found myself getting bored and I would look at my palettes gathering dust on the side and I knew I needed to get them back out. I could feel them calling me and it was time I got my love back with them. It ties in together mindfulness here but I spent my night the other day practicing. I did a couple looks and I felt so good. I spent ages looking in the mirror thinking about how well it had gone. It was nice to have time for myself, I wasn't rushing to get ready to get out the door. I could spend as long as I wanted and do whatever.

For me it's about creativity, yes I use the same products all the time but I mix them up and use them in different ways. I got stuck in a routine of only using certain colours and having a routine I could easily do in my sleep. I got bored and needed a detox.

But now I'm back and ready to do more makeup posts. I want to get the beauty back into the blog. If anyone has any recommendations for this please do let me know! I'm going to be posting some looks over on my Instagram so always pop over to there.

Until next time, Chloe!

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