What I Would Say To First Year Me

You've made it into University congrats! It's a daunting time and I know how anxious you are but when you finally get that freedom and you can do and eat what you want and when you want. It's a weird sense of independence but you'll love it honestly. Let's start talking about what you need to do in your first year.

First off go out as much as you can, it's daunting at the time but as a second year now I wish I would've done it. Who cares about that 9am it's podcasted for a reason so don't worry. It's a time to finally let go a bit and trust me I went out a lot but i wish i'd taken it slow in terms of the work.

Which is the next point, don't burn yourself out. I did the silly mistake of going in all guns blazing and being ready to frazzle by after Christmas. I put everything into it and the results don't show. Second year  is harder so that work in first year yeah was good but I should've saved my energy for now. It's crunch time and it's where the grades count.

Go out and do stuff, beyond work and nights out I really should've looked at experience. I missed so many opportunities to do volunteer work, societies, internships the lot. It means i have to do everything this year. Run round like a headless chicken whilst i have two placements, a society, and student rep role all under my belt. As well as 'balancing' that part time job that feels like my life. Although i love to be busy this is a tad overboard.

The breakdowns and cry sessions are worth it. I never would've thought i would've got so emotional in first year but I did. I got so upset when I got a bad grade but it made me a stronger person. I went and got feedback got a clear answer and I came back and did even better. It was so refreshing to see myself achieving and not only that but having the balls to stand up and ask for feedback. It can be so daunting asking for feedback but I did it and I feel more prepared for coursework now than ever.

You're also gonna learn a lot, it's a weird year and it isn't easy but you need to stay positive. You'll hit a dark spot and yeah it's rough. But second year is so much better and you can come out of that grey area. Just sit back keep your head down and you'll be there soon.

It's a weird year first year. I learnt so much about myself and a lot changed I think it's good to have time to reflect like this. If you're starting University I have a few other posts giving you some updates on how second year is, how first year was and the things to pack with you from stationery to home comforts. Give em all a read

Until next time, Chloe!

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