Pop of Orange Cut Crease Look

I haven't done a look in what feels like lightyears. I switch up the eye looks quite often but you never really get to see that side. I thought I would show you how I added a pop of color to my look. I decided to go for orange, I've done yellow and I am still in love with it to date. Did a rose gold liner so now it's time for some orange. I might even try pink one day but let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

To get this eye going it's time for a bit of a base, I normally just use concealer and the Collection Lasting Perfection is the one for me. I apply it all over the lid and let it set, it acts great as a neutral base. Especially when adding color it's much easier to have a neutral base to go from, it requires less product and makes the whole thang easier. After putting on the base I normally swipe a neutral shadow over the lid, for this I'm using the Soph Does Nails palette £10, I've pretty much-hit pan here on a lot of these shadows. I can't believe how quickly I've used up some of these shadows already.

Once the base is set it's time to pack on that color, going in with the white make sure to really pack this on the lid. I wanted to switch it up and get a 60's vibe going for it. The white does require a fair bit of blending, you really gotta pack it on there and then you've got that color. Once you've got it all on the lid you're good to go with that orange. I really like having a bold eye, it switches everything up without going too all out.

For the orange I switched it up a little bit, I went in with this tan shade first and worked that round the crease and the outer corner. It really worked well with the white as the two colors just popped together. Once it's all blended into the crease it's time to go with a bit of orange, I used the bright orange shade and worked this into the crease. There's a slight hint of shimmer to it and in the crease, it really pops. If you want to switch it up you could put this all over instead of the white and the shimmer would really stand out. I've switched this look up a few times and it looks amazing either way. 

Once this is done you may need to go in with the white a little more to build that intensity back up, then once it's done I lined the eyes with my trusty faves and got some mascara on. This look doesn't take forever to do but it really looks like a lot went into it. The more work you do and the more practice the easier this look is. It's a cut crease look without too much time and effort needed. 

Let me know down below if you've recreated this look or if you've done something similar. I'd love to do more looks like this in the future so comment down below any suggestions or inspiration. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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