So I Spoke To Samaritans

There's something about mental health that gets to me, I am a real advocate for speaking out and finding people who want to listen. I've always tried to share as much as I feel comfortable with in terms of my mental health. I try to be open and speak out but sometimes it is hard to share this all with a friend. Sometimes I feel more comfortable speaking to a complete stranger or just writing it all out. I hit a low point and really lost my way and I decided to speak to Samarians.

I didn't want to ring, for me I didn't feel comfortable with that. They luckily have an email service, I didn't feel like I needed instant help I just wanted to speak to someone. It was easier to have someone to email, I could do it when I feel like and when I have the time and it helped so much for me. I wanted to speak to someone when I could, it was just nice to have someone to speak to me. Especially because they know nothing about me, it was comforting to speak to someone who didn't know me, I could be more honest and open and it really made me feel good and overcome the negative cloud that was over me. 

The conversation wasn't invasive or detailed, I've gone through therapy and I found this experience to be completely different. I really liked the fact that I could say whatever, they followed up what I said without really getting me to think about it. It didn't feel like I had to try and link everything and always have to understand and find a reason as to why. It was good to have someone listen and pick up on little things, rather than analyze me and make me feel like I needed to find a reason for everything. 

I spent about 2 weeks back to back speaking with Samaritans, they tried to be as quick as possible and they were always happy to listen to anything I had to say. For me, the take-home message I got was that they are here whenever someone needs to talk. I always had the misconception that Samaritans was for when you felt suicidal and although they can offer advice for that. They can help so much before you reach that point. For me it was comforting to have them there to talk to, I was going through a rough patch and they couldn't do enough for me. 

If you feel like you need someone to talk to I highly recommend Samaritans, it was comforting to just have someone there I felt comfortable to confide in. I personally struggle to open up to my friends, there aren't many of my friends that know a lot about my mental health issues and for me, that is what I feel comfortable with. My experiences with mental health issues are something personal to me and I feel more comfortable keeping that to myself for a while before I feel comfortable to open up to people like that. 

Let me know if you've ever had any experience with Samaritans, I am really grateful that I was able to speak to them and I couldn't recommend them enough to anyone. Let me know down below what helps you to speak out about your mental health issues. We shouldn't always have to keep it in and feel bad about opening up. 

Until next time, Chloe!

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