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My Goals Til The End Of The Year

WOO, I'm back, it feels weird having a bit of a break. But in all honesty it was very overdue, I'm the kind of person that finds themselves running on empty quite a bit. It's something I don't want to be like obviously, but I'm very much an 'oh well I'll find time for a break later on' rather than at the moment when I need it. It's not exactly been a relaxing sit around do nothing, it's been more of a right I have a new job so my attention needs to be on that, I'm in the world of 9-5 so it's taken me some time to find my feet and get settled into the new routine. 

But I feel like I've got there now, I actually do 7 hours a day so my trick to combat that is to do add an extra hour onto my day to go to a cute cafe and get some blog posts done. And with that, I wanted to set myself some goals so that this break and time to think was for more than my return post. My blog has been very up and down over the years, it's had an up and dow…

When Did I Learn To Love Myself?

Self-love and confidence isn't something you can teach through a book, sure you can guide people how to find ways to like themselves. But self-love takes you to do it, nobody can make you it's something you gotta own. Everyone does it in their own ways, for me self-love is still relayively new sure I'm confident and I feel good myself day to day. But loving yourself is something different, it's that point where you feel happy you may not like everything that you see and it's good to remember that but you feel content with you overall. 

We're brought up to believe it's cocky and big-headed to love ourselves, but there's nothing wrong with liking yourself. Surely you'd want society to thrive off us liking one another rather than hating each other and ourselves. Confidence can come from anything, if you're wearing an outfit that you like or you did something your proud of you own that shit don't let anything stop you. 

To me loving yourself isn&#…

How Could You Not Love Second Year?

It's that time again where I get to round up on how the second year has been, I set out some goals and it's time to see how I got on. Now I'll start off here by saying the second year hit me like a bus. I struggled to really enjoy it due to a number of things going on in my life. But looking back now the year has opened me up to some opportunities I wouldn't have gotten before. I remember getting so excited at the sound of the second year, the chance to finally have some say in my options and have a shot at everything counting, with this came a great amount of fear for all different reasons. I want to go through the key things that stood out throughout this year for me now that I can sit back and reflect on it all. 

The one thing that hits me first is my confidence, despite everything that went on and mentally how I have been I found this newfound confidence. I just felt more open, I could go up and speak to whoever and I took part in a placement that really changed my …

Those Blue Jeans You Haven't Bought Yet

Blue jeans are a different venture for me, I have lived in the black jeans world for years and got stuck in the rut. I have bought so many pairs of blue jeans and not many of them have lasted for me through thick and thin. I wanted a pair that were flowy but was different to all the black pairs I own. I wanted something new that wouldn't cost me the earth. My trusty denim had always been from Topshop and I thought it was time to try them again for a different venture. 

I wanted something that would for whatever, the days where I want a simple t-shirt and trainers to the days where I need to dress up and wear some boots and head on out. I wanted a pair I could accessorize and wear with whatever, I have spent so much money on pairs of jeans that just never worked. 

For me the fit of jeans has to be right, I love a high waist and I love a bit of a flare on the bottom. After going through the denim Topshop holy grail I found that the Orson style were the ones for me £42. They have the h…

Hidden Gems- Office Shoes

Shoe shoes shoes, I'm kinda obsessed just a little bit. I'm always on the hunt for something new and it's great to see all the new season stuff coming in. I always love a good boot or a trainer so I was surprised when I managed to fall in love with a lot of sandals. I like to switch my shoes up and go for a different style every now and then. I have checked out a couple of stores but I really found my love for Office this time around. I've found 3 of the top picks that I need to get, from a trainer to a loafer to even a pair of sandals that I never thought I would like.

First up is the trainers, now I love a pair of vans. They go with anything and are always comfy, in my opinion, the old skool ones are a lot comfier. But when I saw this pair I was sold instantly, you'd be surprised after my clear obsession with the color red that I only own 2 pairs of red shoes so that obviously creates an excuse to get these Authentic Red Platforms £54.99 yep you read that right. T…