How Could You Not Love Second Year?

It's that time again where I get to round up on how the second year has been, I set out some goals and it's time to see how I got on. Now I'll start off here by saying the second year hit me like a bus. I struggled to really enjoy it due to a number of things going on in my life. But looking back now the year has opened me up to some opportunities I wouldn't have gotten before. I remember getting so excited at the sound of the second year, the chance to finally have some say in my options and have a shot at everything counting, with this came a great amount of fear for all different reasons. I want to go through the key things that stood out throughout this year for me now that I can sit back and reflect on it all. 

The one thing that hits me first is my confidence, despite everything that went on and mentally how I have been I found this newfound confidence. I just felt more open, I could go up and speak to whoever and I took part in a placement that really changed my outlook and how I deal with social situations. I've always been in-touch with my anxiety but never really knew how to battle it, during my second year I've found myself focusing less on everything else and living in the moment. It sounds hard to describe but I am someone who tries to take on and do everything all at the same point, it gets intense and I find myself often needing to take a moment to breathe. I have found a way to minimise the intensity, that isn't to say it still doesn't become too much sometimes but I've found a way to breathe through it all a little better. 

The next thing links to the point of confidence, my personality has come through more and my mental health has definitely done the same. My mental health has always been at an up and down point, but I've always struggled to grasp a hold of it. The anxiety when I'm in an event or being praised for something normally eats me alive, I have struggled and been at my highest and severe lowest points this year with my mental health. But I've managed to learn a lot about myself, when I'm this in state, the people around me and my passions are what drive me to continue. The anxiety that I bottled up from everything was getting too much but I've learned how to embrace it, I kept this stance where I didn't want anyone to think I could be anxious but it's all a load of crap and I'm no longer afraid to admit I have anxiety. 

I mentioned at the beginning but opportunities have been a big thing for me, I wanted to submerge myself this year and really make something of myself. I wanted to go into the third year knowing that I'd done something and made a difference, with this I became a student rep for my course and supported the student's voice on a variety of issues. This leads me to meet with the Vice Chancellor and discuss issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing across campus. I hate feeling proud and almost rolling off what I've achieved this year, for me, I'm more amazed at how I've balanced everything. I don't recommend my approach to handling everything at all but I'm excited for what is to come with the third year from all the work and bits I've been doing this year. 

The last part I need to reflect and give a little praise to is this blog, this platform has grown with me throughout the year. I feel a sense of pride that I've been able to keep it going the full year without really falling that much out of love. I hit creative lows every now and then but I stuck through it. I've had a few ideas to redesign the blog and I'm excited for what is prepared over Summer. I hate teasing but it is sure to be a good Summer! 

Let me know how daily life is going for you, or if you're feeling the Uni struggle like me 

                  Until next time, Chloe! 

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