Those Blue Jeans You Haven't Bought Yet

Blue jeans are a different venture for me, I have lived in the black jeans world for years and got stuck in the rut. I have bought so many pairs of blue jeans and not many of them have lasted for me through thick and thin. I wanted a pair that were flowy but was different to all the black pairs I own. I wanted something new that wouldn't cost me the earth. My trusty denim had always been from Topshop and I thought it was time to try them again for a different venture. 

I wanted something that would for whatever, the days where I want a simple t-shirt and trainers to the days where I need to dress up and wear some boots and head on out. I wanted a pair I could accessorize and wear with whatever, I have spent so much money on pairs of jeans that just never worked. 

For me the fit of jeans has to be right, I love a high waist and I love a bit of a flare on the bottom. After going through the denim Topshop holy grail I found that the Orson style were the ones for me £42. They have the high waisted style which flares slightly at the bottom, they're bringing out a range of colors that I cannot wait to pick up. 

Top Missguided 
Jeans £42
Belt Primark
Trainers £65

When I first got them I was a little worried about what to match them with, so I went for it and threw all the colors into the mix. From the green top to the black corduroy jacket, to the brand new trainers which yes I am fully in love with. It all kinda works. 

They are a pair of jeans that just work with anything, they're the versatile jeans of the denim world. They have a different fit compared to the black jean love I've had. I couldn't believe how I actually liked this so much, to begin with, they were a little tight, to begin with, but they've softened up and grown on me. 

After many tries and fails I've finally found the blue jeans I have needed, as someone with big hips and thighs but a smaller waist I finally have the pair I have needed for far too long. Let me know down below if you've had the denim struggle like me. It's great to find new places to check out and get that denim game strong. 

                          Until next time, Chloe! 

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