When Did I Learn To Love Myself?

Self-love and confidence isn't something you can teach through a book, sure you can guide people how to find ways to like themselves. But self-love takes you to do it, nobody can make you it's something you gotta own. Everyone does it in their own ways, for me self-love is still relayively new sure I'm confident and I feel good myself day to day. But loving yourself is something different, it's that point where you feel happy you may not like everything that you see and it's good to remember that but you feel content with you overall. 

We're brought up to believe it's cocky and big-headed to love ourselves, but there's nothing wrong with liking yourself. Surely you'd want society to thrive off us liking one another rather than hating each other and ourselves. Confidence can come from anything, if you're wearing an outfit that you like or you did something your proud of you own that shit don't let anything stop you. 

To me loving yourself isn't something that will stay there all the time, it's like the love for a friend you can like them and fall out with them in the same breath. You have to be there to pick yourself up when that love is lost. I've spent so much time chasing after people and putting all my energy into those that just don't care the same. Loving yourself means that you don't feel guilty if you put yourself first for once. 

I didn't really learn to love myself until recently, it's a tricky one to gauge but when I started to take pride in what I do and start to finally become proud of what I do and what I can achieve that to me is when I finally became confident enough to love myself. I'm gonna do a whole separate post on pride as I could go on for years about this, but pride is something I hold special to me. I hate to feel proud and have everyones attention on me when I've done something. It comes from a place of not wanting to sound cocky, i'm the kid that did everything quite silently I was the quiet kid and i nested in that silence and just got everything done. Nowadays I could talk for years but I'd never want to start rolling off the list of everything I've achieved. 

Let me know down below how you battle loving yourself, it definitely isn't easy I'd love to know everyones tips for keeping that love for you and beginning to accept yourself. It's time we start creating a positive place for people to feel confident again we live too much in a society that shuns people who are confident and proud of themselves. 

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