Get That Summer Glow

It's finally got to Summer, well we've been in Summer for a while now but seeing as the second year of Uni is done it's finally time to actually start the Summer break. Throughout the Summer I want to up my makeup game, try new looks and sort out my collection. I've put together my essential bits that you'll be needing for Summer, to get that glowy makeup and those bright colors looking all good. We'll go from skincare to makeup to get that Summer makeup. 

First off moisturizer, as it's getting warm why not have a bit of a glow. Make it look like you've spent 10 days in the Maldives instead of 10 days in the UK. My go-to recently has been the Garnier Skin Active 3 in 1 Hydrating Aloe Water Jelly £12.99. This can be used in 3 ways, as a mask, day moisturizer, or a night cream. For me, this suits my skin as an all-round moisturizer and when I'm looking for more of a mask effect it's the Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks £2.99 for me, you can't try one of these and tell me it didn't do wonders for your skin. 

After we've got that skin all moisturized primers can come into play, I fall in and out of love with primers but there are a few good ones out there that will stay with me for a long time. If you have oily skin and want something that will really hold your face The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer £3.90 really does the trick. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and really holds onto that makeup well. I have done an all-day shift at work and then a night out on this and my makeup barely budged. It's definitely one to get your hands on. 

Now for the base Summer is the time to go lighter, it can feel too much having a load of foundation on. For me depending on how I feel I will normally go for a concealer. The trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 has my back on this one. It has a light/medium coverage and over Summer it still allows my skin to breathe. Then to get that contour I've been using the Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer £11 I finally went back to this after ages of not using it and oh my I've missed it. If you give it a good swirl it creates this lovely glow, gets that contour and a glow in one. 

Now to really get that highlight you need to get your hands on the SophDoesNails Highlight Palette £8, with a mix of shades you're really gonna get that glow. If you want more of peachy glow there's one for that and even a golden glow. It's been in my makeup bag for a while and I'm not letting go of it. 

Now the eyes have well and truly been treated for Summer. I finally picked up some of the new bits from the Revolution Pro range, I picked up the Regeneration Palette in Restoration £8 it has a mix of warm tones and shimmers it's a great go-to palette. Especially if you want to build your collection and get a real mix of colors. You can expect to be seeing some looks with this one over on Instagram very soon. 

The liner and mascara is the trusty Soap and Glory Supercat and the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara but the lips have got something new. I picked up the Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment Visionary £4 it's a great mauve shade which you all need to get your hands on, this with a nice glowy lip topper like the Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment in Psychedelic £4. If you want to go that extra mile then put on that lip topper and you're all good to go with that glow. 

What are your Summer go to's? Comment them down below and let's see what everyone is wearing for Summer. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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