The End Of The Growing Up Guide Era

I feel a mix of emotions typing this up after a few life events recently this is one of the things I want to bring to light. The Growing Up Guide is sadly finalizing at the end of this month, as someone who wrote for the magazine from the very beginning, it’s upsetting to see something everyone worked so hard for having to come to an end. But this isn’t a post about the negatives, I wanted to talk about the positives and what I’ve learned from the magazine. I will be posting my posts from there onto the blog shortly so stay tuned for that. 

The Growing Up Guide was my first avenue for writing outside of the blog, I remember feeling nervous and excited that I was finally pushing myself out there. Before this I hadn’t really done much to get out there, I wanted to be reserved but I took the plunge with this one and I’m so happy I did. The launch of the magazine was exciting and I found a new love for blogging again. I want to reminisce about some of my favorite posts I wrote for the magazine but first I want to say a big thank you to Emmi. 

Emmi was the founder of TGUG and it has been amazing to work with her and discuss ideas. From the day we discussed ideas and held our willpower together to not buy anything from Primark it has genuinely been amazing to work with her and I can’t wait to meet up again one day and have a good catch up. She is a real gem and really put her heart and soul into the magazine, as did all the others editors and writers! 

The magazine allowed me to try something new, step out of the box and write about something new, I took on the role of Head Writer of Appearance and I loved the opportunity to talk about appearance in a new different way. For me appearance was where I was suited, I knew what I was talking about and it felt like home to me. One of my favorite posts about appearance probably has to be around the choice to wear makeup, today the whole “I have to wear makeup to feel better about myself” mentality still grinds my gears. As someone who wears makeup every day, the drastic reaction in people when I am without it is what fuelled the whole post. We shouldn’t have an association with confidence and makeup like we do when we are without it, it fuels self-esteem and other issues that should never rise. 

I also did some lifestyle posts, to begin with, I was so nervous about what to talk about. I felt uncomfortable to talk about certain topics. Until I decided to open up about Anxiety. Around this time I was coming to terms with my anxiety and regain a bit of control. It was something very new to me and it was about time I did it, I remember shaking as I sent the post off for review but after everything, it’s one of the posts I’m most proud about. I didn’t lay everything out there, but I spent the time to explain anxiety like I wish someone had explained it to me. I had responses from people thanking me the post as it allowed them to seek help and that can be the best compliment for a blogger. If someone can take something from your post then I’ve achieved what I wanted. 

Sticking with the lifestyle I also posted an article about porn, and why as women it seems so odd that we watch porn. The post is probably the most out there for me but I love the points I raised and I hope one day the stigma of women watching porn vanishes. It’s about time we stop shunning people from wanting to explore and enjoy their sex life. The post got a lot of engagement and I’d love to carry on this conversation through a Q&A one day to see the different aspects. 

Overall, I loved writing for TGUG there may be new things in the works for me in terms of writing but I have loved the time I spent being a writer for TGUG and I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

Until next time, Chloe 


  1. Sounds like you did really well! 😍

  2. I absolutely loved reading The Growing Up Guide! Apparently all good things must come to an end. I can't wait to see/read where writing takes you next :)x

  3. I need to go and catch up on this guide, it sounded fab! X

  4. The magazine sounds interesting! Glad you enjoyed writing on it x