Let's Turn Up The Heat

You might have seen this almost a year ago, the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette launched and it hit the beauty world by storm. There was a mixed reaction to it, we all love some warm tones and this palette really delivers that. I couldn't believe something like this was finally coming out from Urban Decay it was about time they delivered. I put off buying it for a while so I could get some honest reviews and see how it did, at the time I was also using a few palettes that had all the warm tones I could get so I decided to get it now, I needed some warm tones in my life and I finally got my fix.

I've tested this out for almost a month now and done quite a few looks and my thoughts are finalized, the palette is staying in my collection and it's becoming a staple. I thought I'd show you one of the looks I did whilst going through my thoughts on the palette. Now the first thing I love about this palette and with any naked palette is that you can easily use the whole palette to achieve your look. From base shades to shimmers you can really go to town with this palette and get a real range of looks. 

I'm a warm toned gal through and through so this palette gets that ticked off for me and lets me get into those darker shades. Starting with Chaser for the lid/base shade I use this all over just to set everything. Normally I put concealer on my eyes first to keep it going on all day and this shade just holds everything down for me. Depending on how dramatic I want the look I use a bit of ounce just to get the lid lighter. This palette works great because it lets you build on the intensity without needing another palette. You can go quite out there or a little softer if you want. 

The crease and outer eye are where it gets exciting I normally use sauced first all over the crease just to set it out and blend this out and then go in with a bit of He Devil to really spice this. I love this shade because it really is a darker shade that just mixes up and makes it more intense. Not to use the Urban Decay tagline too much but it really does turn up the heat. 

Once all this is blended out and looking good it's time for a bit of shimmer, this clearly is optional but I love to add a bit of shimmer and change it up a little. For me, the go to's are Lumbre in the inner corner and then Dirty Talk across the lid fading out. It adds that a va Voom to the look whilst still keeping it passable for the day. If you want this to be more of a nighttime look then add darker shades to the mix and it gets it there. 

Wear wise these are spot on, as with all urban decay shadows these stay on all day without wearing. down. I will say at this point a bit of primer is necessary otherwise you gotta watch how they hold up with the heat and whatever your day to day routine involves. 

For me I reach for this on special occasions, I wish there were lighter shades in here like a good orange or a gold kinda shade. For me personally, I love a bit of gold as the pinker shimmers aren't normally my thing. For a night out this is my go to but I wouldn't say this will be the palette I reach for all the time after this, maybe it takes a bit more working but the general vibe I've been getting from everyone is that this palette stays with you and gets it camera time when needed but it's not your essential. So if you want to add to your collection this is the one for you. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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  1. I loooved the Naked Heat palette - I bought it last year on pre-release and really loved all of the shades. It's one of the only eyeshadow palettes where I've used every single colour which is think is great. Warm tones are my fave!! Loved this post girl xxx