How To Bring Trainers Into Every Outfit

Trainers became a quick obsession for me, I used to absolutely live in boots and whilst my collection is still massive. Nowadays I'm more into trainers, whether it's a day out or a more of a dressed up time there are so many occasions you can wear trainers for. Whilst boots will always stay in my heart, especially with us going into Autumn I thought I would show you how I've been styling my trainers and a few outfit inspirations for you. 

The Slip-On Vans: I have had so many days recently where I have needed all the comfort I can get. Getting that baggy jumper on and some comfy bottoms and then it's time for the shoes. For me, I have been living in my slip on checker-board vans. I've now even bought another pair because I find them that comfy! My others wore through to the absolute end so I needed to get a new pair so badly. For me slip on vans can go with so many outfits, you could pair them with jumper n joggers like how I'm wearing them now or you can even go in and match these with a jumpsuit. They're easy to wear pair and you can't go wrong with them really. 

The Old Skool: Old skools slowly became a bit of an addiction for me, I know own 3 pairs and I definitely have my eyes on a fourth pair. They're so comfy and go with so much, wanna wear a slogan tee and a pair of jeans? Chuck some old skools with them. Got a statement jacket or a flashy jumpsuit? Throw some old skools with them. If you really wanna switch up the outfits you can always get custom old skools! For me, this is something I'd definitely like to try one day. 

Nike Cortez: I could go on endlessly how happy I am I got these, I am the proud owner of two pairs and honestly they're such an outfit staple for me. With that tapered toe front and the 90's kinda vibe these go so great. They're perfect with a pair of statement trousers or even a nice skirt. With the chunky sole, this works great with a dress. Paired with a leather or denim jacket and you're good to go! For me, I have worn these with a dress and belt and it worked great. 

These are my main staples, I have found some new trainers that I think really need to enter my life and come on it would be rude not to show you. First up is a new pair of Adidas Samba's, I have had my eyes on these for the longest time. I love the retro style to them and the chunky sole is a must have for me, I've always wanted something different and these definitely fit that description. These paired with a denim skirt or even a pair of fitted jeans would look amazing. 

Let me know how you're styling your trainers, I'd love to see what everyone is loving at the moment

Until next time, Chloe!