Influnecers Just Why: The Beauty Community

If you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks you wouldn't have seen the news surrounding influencers on the American side of the pond. From brand deals to influencers being paid and essentially bought their opinion it's become an uproar. At first, I didn't want to get involved, everyone understands what's gone on the controversy surrounding it. 

The term influence is a dangerous one nowadays, it automatically throws you into this box with other bloggers and YouTubers. It stereotypes you as someone who takes sponsorships because of the nice paycheck or advantage attached to it. The term influencer is originally used through marketing, it's an easy trick and it's surprising it has never been used earlier on in the industry. It's much cheaper and effective to focus on Bloggers and YouTubers nowadays. They have a wider following especially on a much younger market, in business eyes are more susceptible to easy marketing and promoting. 

But the ideal image of being an influencer is now tarnished and it really is a shame. This is an industry which unlike a lot of other jobs doesn't create a consistent paycheck. Sometimes my views will be amazing and then the week after it's like nobody on this planet exists. At some points promotions and advertised posts are a handy little thing, they let us do what we do best and help a brand in one. 

James Charles, a popular youtube and talented makeup artists on summarised the issue with influencers pretty well. It's a two way street, we should be more honest as influencers and we should only take sponsorships we believe in and stay true to us. It's easy nowadays to spot sponsorships that are out of the ordinary, they appear on someone's page and they stand out like a sore thumb.

Sponsorships need to seem genuine and real to you, there's no benefit of promoting something that doesn't link to what you do. The unlikeness to you shines through instantly and that honesty with your readers/ followers is gone and that can't often be reclaimed. Take sponsorships such as Natural Cycles, for instance, this created a media uproar and tarnished the honesty of a lot of bloggers. It was a sponsorship where the money showed through more than anything else and it's a shame that issues like this tarnish the community. They make everyone sound like money snatchers and it really is a shame. 

In my eyes the beauty community has a long way to go, the authenticity of people is slowly degrading and it only takes a few scandals before we all sound like money grabbing machines. There should be no issue in taking sponsorships, the flip side to the argument is that as a consumer you have the choice to purchase whatever they are promoting. You don't have to and you have the free will to research it and decide for yourself if it is the right thing for you. And to give us a bit of a break just because we have a product that has worked wonders for us, this offers no guarantee it will for you. Everyone is different and different results can happen. 

This makes it hard to be making this a business and also being genuine to people because after everything there aren't many people that really believe us anymore. Comment down below your thoughts on the current situation in the blogging community and let's see what can be done next. 

Until next time, Chloe!

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