New In Beauty Bits: Yeah or Meh

The beauty world is bringing out the bad boys and I cannot wait for what's the come, from new makeup to skincare it's all new and exciting and there's a real whirlwind of stuff coming out. I thought I'd take a second to mention them all but do it a little different, Jasminetalksbeauty does a similar thing on her Instagram where she talks about new products and if she would purchase them or not. When I buy so much stuff to review it becomes hard to use everything up so instead of buying it for the sake of it let's talk about if it's something I should actually buy and review. 

Urban Decay Cherry Collection 

First up is a new exciting palette from Urban Decay, now I love a bit of cherry and when I heard about this a couple weeks ago I couldn't wait. After the successful heat collection, they've brought out a cherry range packed with an eyeshadow palette to die for, a highlighter and blush palette, some ever so cute lipsticks and just you wait for this a Cherry scented version of their all-nighter spray. Out of the whole thing, I'm the most excited for the eyeshadow palette and the all-nighter spray. 

Let's take a look at the eyeshadow palette for a minute, stacked with 12 shades from shimmers to mattes the palette packs a punch. As a warm toned gal, I was a little scared of this, to begin with, I'm not a huge fan of pinks on me I feel like they wash me out and just don't suit me right. However, giving this palette a good look over there are definitely shades in there I could use. For me this palette is very on the lighter side, there are a few darker shades in there you could go for a smokey eye with but it all seems very pretty in pink for me. Priced at £42 this is a pretty standard price for a high-end palette. 

As pretty as it is I don't see myself buying this, I think the colours are beautiful but I have very similar colours in palettes from brands such as Makeup Revolution. I would love to give it a go but I don't see this living in my collection anytime soon. I am however very excited and tempted to pick up the all-nighter spray as I have been wanting a top of it for such a long time! 

New In Pixi Retinol Tonic 

Also new in is the new Pixi Retinol Tonic, after their amazing launch of the glow tonic and a new lover of Pixi skincare I've been waiting for this to come out for so long. I've recently been converted to the glow tonic and really seen a difference in my skin since using it. This aims to brighten skin, reduce acne and enhance collagen production. With just a simple wipe across the face after cleansing, this is definitely on my list to buy, I want to wait a couple weeks before picking it up as I'm currently reviewing some other skincare bits but I'd be excited to see how this does. 

The new The Ordinary 

The final bit on the beauty list I wanna give a go is the new The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with antioxidants, the ordinary is one of those brands you just have to try. I've tried so many things from the Ordinary it's affordable skincare that really strips away everything that we don't need. Their new product helps to reinvent sunscreen so that it's not heavy on our skin whilst still packing in what we need. There's nothing worse than doing a full face and it feels like it's weighing you down because of everything on it. 

I like the idea of this being stripped down and the main bits you need, for me it's something essential and my skin could really do with. I'm definitely gonna pick this up and start giving it a go so watch this space for a review soon! 

And there we have it, I could talk about so many other new releases but these are the main ones for me coming out now. Let me know which ones you're looking forward to and what do you hope will come out soon! 

Until next time, Chloe!

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