The Inclusive Foundation You Need

Makeup Revolution finally announced the new Conceal and Define foundation, this new product is said to go hand in hand with their already popular concealer which took the beauty world by storm. Not only have they brought out a foundation but they've even released a Supersize version of the concealer for all of us out there who used it up way too quickly. With the doe foot applicators still intact and that lovely pink metallic packaging, it was time to get these quickly and give them a go. 

 Shade Range

Before we talk about how they performed, let's talk about shades the price and everything nice. Makeup Revolution is known for inclusivity, their brand is for anyone no matter age, sexual orientation, or however else they define themselves as. They're here to sell makeup with no idolised image in mind, unlike other brands. This launch was meant to focus in on inclusivity, with their concealer and foundation range having 24 shades all round this is seriously good for a drugstore brand. Cut to bigger brands such as Tarte who released products that arguably inspired the conceal and define range, we can clearly see who's wanting to be inclusive here. Throughout the shade range, Makeup Revolution caters for all different undertones, for those with more yellow, red, pink, warm, and golden undertones there is bound to be a shade for everyone. And with a foundation priced at £9 and the bigger sized concealer now at £7 you really can't miss out on these. 

For me, this time around I had high hopes, after being a clear lover of the concealer I really wanted to give them both a good test. The foundation had to live up to the coverage and lasting power of the concealer and more and for me, this super-size concealer couldn't go without testing. I wanted to make sure the formula is still the same or at least better, I loved the concealer don't get me wrong but let's see if it is any different to the standard size concealer already out there. 

I'm doing this as a first impression and getting into how it's got on for me, so I gave it a 12-hour wear test yep that's right. I really wanted to see how this holds up and for me, some days will mean that makeup on my face will be there for 12 hours or more. I primed my skin using the Ordinary PRIMER and went in applying the foundation. 

Foundation Application

This is a medium to full coverage foundation, depending on how you apply and blend it. For me, I used a foundation buffing brush and this gave me full coverage but, it took a fair bit of blending. I tried it the next day with a Beauty Blender and it worked a lot better and quicker so for me this is one for the sponge. It is a fairly thick foundation when you first apply it but it doesn't leave that feel once it's blended, I didn't actually feel it on my face much. And considering I hadn't worn foundation in a while I was surprised by this. Once it had all blended I went in with the concealer. 

Concealer Application

The concealer went on amazing as to the standard of the original conceal and define, I didn't feel like I had many places to conceal after going in with the foundation so I just went for the under eye area and a little on the forehead. This blended a lot easier than the foundation, with it being a lighter consistency. I definitely recommend a sponge for both to get a flawless finish as the brush did the job but it took a while to get there. 

Then it was time to finish the rest of my face, I didn't powder for this as I wanted to see how it would do on its own. I have a fairly oily T zone so I was expecting to need to do a little bit of powdering a couple hours in. So I got on with some work and checked in on my makeup every couple of hours. 

   12 Hour Wear Test Results

Around 3 hours in I noticed I was getting oily, it wasn't bad but I knew my face needed powdering soon. I went in with a little Coty Airspun Translucent powder and after that, my face was good for the rest of the day. Coverage wise this helps up good, my face looked like it didn't have a single blemish on it or any skin concerns. It help up pretty well, I have a bit of dryness on my forehead and this did highlight it a little bit but when the foundation is so thick I normally have this issue regardless. 

For me, the foundation is a winner, but the concealer stands out as the ultimate one for me. I love the foundation but for special occasions as for me it's just too full coverage for every day and I like my skin with a bit of concealer on it now. The concealer has that full coverage I want but still lets my skin be skin and I couldn't be happier. 

Let me know if you've given this a go and how you found it!

Until next time, Chloe!

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